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  1. Weather and Saturday tinkering dependent, I'll text you Saturday
  2. I have one of them, however its very location specific and not fitted to the car, but definitely stops you very quickly
  3. Definitely able to reuse the holes for a front wing supports
  4. WallerZ

    Braided Brake Hoses

    https://furoreproducts.co.uk/custom-brake-hoses I used these guys, been on my car 4-5 years and still going strong.
  5. I've seen figures in MX5s range from 150-180 bhp. Depends on your starting point and any other mods. I think the GBS exhaust system made up for any losses over 26 years on my 115k miles 1.6 engine so will be interested to see where you end up
  6. WallerZ

    Led Headlights

    I read into these a while back for various cars. There was a lot of grey area over the levelling/washing systems or something? Some said if LED's then you need them, others using the "if fitted" argument and therefore not required if they weren't there originally....despite the LED upgrades. Don't know if this has been closed out but I would be interested in this too.
  7. Finding where you dropped the 10mm socket isn't a winter mod
  8. Will it involve any traffic? Thats what kills me right now haha. Will see if I can get on to relocate bits beforehand so put me down as a solid maybe but unlikely
  9. Have a look at motorbike gloves. I got some summer ones which usually did the job as they don't need to be as windproof compared to a bike. Or just go full winter bike gloves lol
  10. I got a bottle opener from these guys showcasing somewhere a few years ago. You could do the wing nut by hand but blimey did I need to get some leverage on it to undo it! I'd consider it an option but would you fit and forget or still spanner check regularly anyway?
  11. My winter project is to ignore it during the cold months and hope by summer its solved all its problems on its own
  12. WallerZ

    Wiring Loom

    I'll drop you a PM, I have a RapidFit loom so I can send pictures of the info I got with it. Might help
  13. Massive thanks to Jackie and Richy for organising the trip again! Once again I appear to have used it for a shake down test and despite various issues along the way, still managed to get home under its own power....albeit a few stops along the way, most notably the middle of the M6 at a traffic jam Thanks to all those who helped keep the car going, special thanks again to Jackie and Richy for the support on the way home. Despite everything that went wrong I still had a cracking weekend as usual and reminded me what this club was all about, a shared passion for cars! Even had offer for help from a Marlin owner who had been made aware of an "orange car broken down up the road" so ventured up to see if they could help. Above all though, despite constant badgering, Hannah still maintains she enjoyed her first club trip and I'm not being made single again....however she has refused to get in it again until its all properly fixed and won't break down again......that could be a while
  14. Of course not! Going untested for the 2nd year running! haha
  15. I guess after all that you'll still be pitching a tent........
  16. I've already got it booked in for 2019. Haven't booked any kit reliability though....
  17. You know its close when the menu comes out! I best get this engine back in! 1x Lasange 1x Sausage Egg & Chips 1x Crumble 1x Cheesecake Thanks
  18. WallerZ

    Sump Removal

    Thats not swearing! Thats how I greet my car as I open the garage door I can't quite get my head around the orientation of how or where its catching but looks like a bit of wiggling in all angles might free it up? Or getting a screwdriver in to push the bits that are catching out the way?
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