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  1. there is no booking just turn up its £15 per night per pitch
  2. is retirement not going well then Kerry
  3. so just been over to the site and its all organized for the late may bank holiday so get youre names down just to add this is the same site we went to last year near kingsbury tamworth post code B78 2DL opposite the malt house pub i will be there on the friday so if you want to you can stay friday saturday and sunday night
  4. you not coming on the camping weekend then kerry
  5. yes you have to bend them to fit
  6. i have just posted another map with a slight ignition retard i was just being conservative whilst tuning with the turbo
  7. yes it was a map in progress but gives handyman a direction to go in
  8. i seem to remember burton power do the alloy winged sump but its expensive
  9. i have one you can compare but i cant post it here you would have to go to our facebook page i have uploaded a map
  10. classic ford forum is a good source of technical info
  11. inlet valves .08 thou exhaust .10 thou how much of a strip down are you going to take head off
  12. blimey your a bit hard on them terms and conditions Mark
  13. i have had a 2B and a Zero if you are going for mostly track days then a zero would be better but the road i would go 2B far more comfy driving on the roads
  14. i am thinking late may bank holiday 29/30/31 if lockdown allows it
  15. hi all again due to the lack of events i am looking at organizing a camping weekend at the same place as last year their have been some major changes to the site over the last year . so if there is any interest i will start organizing it obviously when lockdown ends so if you are up for it say yeaaaaah
  16. well done hopefully see you soon
  17. tractor


    you may find it easier to load your video onto our facebook page i have been a member of this club for a few years now and find impossible to post a photo let alone a video good luck
  18. tractor

    carbs ?

    when i had a pinto fitting bike carbs and accuspark non vac dizzy were the best upgrades i did
  19. tractor

    Battery power

    if you can do it try and get a multimeter reading whilst turning it over
  20. tractor

    Headlamp aim

    i am with nelmo on this one take it for an MOT headlights emissions bargain for the money although £50 is a bit steep had my van MOT yesterday class 4 and it was £40 so a car 30 to 35
  21. a lot of people use the vw polo rad small twin core and very cheap on ebay
  22. as long as all four are roughly the same then its ok and i wouldnt worry about a lower comp rate with warm engine your oil will be thinner why are you doing a comp test
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