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  1. Thanks for the help with the wiring of the tacho.  I have commented on the forum and sent the wiring diagram, but, I still have a couple of issues.

    I think you probably think the link id dead as you have been so helpfull.

    The tach needle is moving, but violently up and down.

    I have not connected a wire to the module as there are eight and I am not sure which is which.  Would that cause the needle to bounce?  Also, weirly the brake lihhts come od when the tacho is wired like this.  Any thoughts please.

    1. RedTrev


      Hi Nick and Neil,

      Sorry, I have not had chance to look at the threads on the forum with any time to reply. I'm a little confused though.... are you still running with ignition points or is the Motorcraft module actually wired in and working ok with your engine?

      If you have not connected the wire from the coil negative terminal to the module, where is it connected to?

      We'll get there 👍




    2. RedTrev


      If you have the module all wired in and working, then adding the rev counter should be quite easy. It would be better if I could talk to you. Is there a number I could call you on? If you're ok with this, when is a good time? It would be good if I could see the car, but I don't think I could do a day trip to Plymouth from Coventry 🤣

    3. NickandNeil


      Sorry Red Trev, I have had grandkids turned up unexpectedly. My mobile number is 07711224848. You can ring anytime.  Thank you.

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