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  1. There won't be a UK type approval number shown on the UK V5, kit cars don't have them. If it helps, you could prove the car was registered and used in the UK by putting the registration in these UK government sites. https://www.gov.uk/get-vehicle-information-from-dvla https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history
  2. Yes, the gauge goes in the dash and the sensor goes under the car.
  3. Good solution that, looks pretty unobtrusive.
  4. This post started as a request for information but is now basically an advert from a non-member. As the primary interest seems to be the Sierra, not the kit, I think it's a good time to lock this thread. Anyone interested in either the Sierra or hopefully to kit can contact the seller via the Gumtree advert or message them.
  5. Well done. What did you end up doing about the rear wheels?
  6. Inside the transmission tunnel in 20mm flexible plastic conduit.
  7. Do your relays click when you operate the relevant function? If they do, then the issue is probably the relay output wiring but if they don't, it's the switched feed to the relay. What harness are you using, the original Ford one?
  8. https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/forums/topic/34653-rear-fog-light/#comment-262384
  9. Wiring for the wipers is in this thread. All the other wiring info will be on the forum somewhere, you need to use the search facility and be fairly specific with the search terms.
  10. Just thickening the floor won't increase the stiffness as much as adding some angle. All you'd be doing is adding weight. I think you're better off just keeping the normal floor and using angle or box across the floor where the front and rear seat fixings go through.
  11. More details on the event website https://www.ymsf.net/
  12. Christmas is almost upon us and the few shows we have had this year seem long ago. However is good to see a few new members joining the club in November. Welcome aboard to the following people: Duncan H duncthediver Holmfirth Richie C Richie Redcar Derek P Derek1978 Port Talbot
  13. richyb66

    Christmas Meal

    Great night out. Good to see everyone. Thanks to Kerry for organising.
  14. We don't meet in December because we meet on the last Wednesday of the month so next one will be the end of January.
  15. 6.5" and 7" diffs have a single long bolt going from side to side across the top. 7.5" has 2 separate bolts. The sizes refer to the crownwheel diameter.
  16. Compression test would be the first thing I'd try.
  17. Give Dave at Dampertech a call. http://dampertech.co.uk/
  18. Don't hold back!! My view is they made a kit car that was even less desirable than the donor vehicle.
  19. I've been made aware of a Kaig for sale but have very few details other than it was build by Robin Hood from an MG Metro donor and was the promo vehicle for their launch. If anyone is interested, message me and I'll pass your details on.
  20. Next Wednesday (24th) , 7PM onwards, Malt Shovel Pub, Coventry Road, Nr Stonebridge, Coventry, CV7 7HL Entrance to the pub car park is off the A452 Chester Road heading North 50 yards from the island. If you've just got your MOT and possibly been remapped, I expect to see you in in it...... Just saying!
  21. We've got 8 club members in Worcs, could well be one of them.
  22. richyb66

    Christmas Meal

    Richy, pate, roast turkey, Christmas pudding. Jackie, beetroot and red onion tarte, roast turkey, cheese slate. Thanks
  23. Stick a post in the wanted section, hopefully someone will have something suitable.
  24. richyb66

    Exmo TCA mod

    Can't you swap the rose joint and adjuster for a rose joint with a female threaded end. It won't be as easy to adjust but it's not like you're adjusting it regularly.
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