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  1. After my good comments earlier I am now in the other camp 'poor service'. Called twice, emailed once as a reminder for bits that was missing from the original kit. Guess what they did not bring them to Stafford transportation problems. Now do I go on Sunday or risk the mail system? Regards Mark
  2. I was disappoited with the lack of trade stands although GBS looks bigger and I really like the new dash (have to get one). Once I dropped off some goodies for the raffle and catched up with some members we left. Hopefully next time the car will be ready and I'll enjoy the social life a bit better. Regards Mark
  3. You will always get what you need eventually but like the other have mentioned you have to remind them, phone, email or both. I picked my Zero up with a few bits missing but they pointed it out and afetr a few reminders they should be there for collection during the Stafford show. They are approachable and try to help, they just don't have robust processes in place.Also one part they stated it was not up to their standards and would not let me have it, that's good customer service. Regards Mark
  4. Looking good keep the updates and picture coming. Igniting the spark for fresh ideas and motivation to get my backside into the garage. Regards Mark
  5. Dan, Once I finish my car I was thinking of asking the kit bag making advertised somewhere on the forum to make a tri-angle storage bag to go onto the boot behind roll cage for camping gear. Alternatively I do like some of the tear drop caravans. See you at the show on Saturday. Regards Mark
  6. I bet he will have a pack lunch and not school dinners, poor kid will have to live with the name.
  7. MarkBzero


    Keith, Same answers as above don't under estimate the fun, pain and satisfaction of building your own Zero to you spec's. Every single one is different that's the unique selling point of this forum and car. No competition to me Zero! OK I wanted a 2B but timing wasn't right. Best of luck. Regards Mark
  8. Graham, In daily life I give generously to a lot of charities £1 here and £1 there including £10 to Air ambulance during last few shows, then as a member of the British legion I donate £100 a year (ex-forces) and we have a business charity of the year which I support with many events. So my concious is clear, but in defence of others we are chased, encourage or advertised every day of our lives by charities and I assume some have priorities/commitments to others. Then on a personal note my mum has been diagnosed with MS so another charity I contribute to on a regular basis to a point where I can not always afford parts for my kit. I agree it is a poor show but understandable - please look from both sides. Regards Mark PS. My business and I have contributed to Andi's raffle in Stafford
  9. Almost the same as Nick but i use good old fashion gunk and left it to soak then jet wash. Took a few goes. Regards Mark PS. the grass is still dead from last year wife not impressed.
  10. Cherry, Will you be at Stafford I would like to see the finished product? Regards Mark
  11. MarkBzero

    Hoody Raffle

    Andi, I have acquired some more stuff and a bottle of bubbly! Regards Mark
  12. Clecko's for me fantastic tool, couldn't build the zero without them. Regards Mark
  13. MarkBzero

    Log Book

    Same as Nick. But... be warned my brother in law has just been fined because he could not prove the vehicle was destroyed i.e. Destruction certificate issue by a reputable End of life vehicle business and not informing DVLA. Regards Mark
  14. I had to cut my bolts to fit don't make the same mistake as me wrecking the nyloc (too much heat and technically should only be used once)use a dummy nut first to protect the nyloc and clean the thread when cutting. Regards Mark
  15. Dave, Welcome I am building a yellow zero at present although work has been extremely busy and its been a while since I ventured into the garage. If you join you can access the map to see members in your area tea and biscuits is normally enough to bribe/get help with any problems. Or all questions answered here.Best of luck. Regards Mark
  16. I would like to see one in the flesh.
  17. Well John and Nick, You motivated me to get back into the garage and attempt the back panel unfortunately only had time to mark, drill and file edges on top strip before she who must be obeyed wanted a stay gate fitted, then dinner. Well it will have to wait until next weekend. Regards Mark
  18. You make it look so easy I am dredding this job wished I selected ali instead of stainless. Looks really good. Regards Mark
  19. I agree with Daz sounds like charging not sure how the jenvey and emerald is set up but on a normal engine set up I would consider disconnecting the alternator electrics and see if it still happens. Regards Mark
  20. MarkBzero

    Silence At Last

    Ian, Looks good can't wait until a show to see it close up. Are you tempted to fit a twin on the other side? Regards Mark
  21. Jess, Remember it could always be worst the misses toes, next doors cat or the car across the road....... Hope it gets better soon. Regards Mark
  22. Welcome to the forum, you have the skills and tools you only need time and money. All questions answered on this site go on join RHOCAR and see who is near you when you need a helping hand or face to face advice. Regards Mark
  23. Hi Ricky, This is a great forum with plenty of advice. You have a good show in Detling next year year come along and meet some members. It is all worth it the pain, the tears, the cost and the wife nagging. Best of luck Mark
  24. MarkBzero

    More Build Pics!

    John, Making more progress than me right now. I will get some picture uploaded one of these days, maybe when its to cold to go into the garage. ALso where did you get the new brake master cylinder and reservior from please? Regards Mark
  25. Looks good grey matter now thinking what if I used the same colour as the seats with yellow piping or can you get a stainless coloured trim to match panels. Another thing to add to the 'things to do list'. Regards Mark
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