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  1. Hi Mark I have a sierra steering wheel you could borrow,it does not have the horn centre but a little fabrication could soon sort that out,if you require it give me a PM. Stewart
  2. Stewart

    Passed Today!

    Well done welcome to the big grin club
  3. Stewart

    Iva Form

    SPORTS is what it says on my V5c
  4. Stewart

    Mot & Tax

    My Zero was IVAd on12/12/12 and registered and taxed April 2013 on a equivalant plate J reg when the tax expired in September I was informed by DVLA after spending forty minutes on the phone that the car should have had an MOT from September.I put the car on SORN and had it MOTd two weeks ago were the garage said according to there information the MOT was up in December 2013 so answer seems to be as usual take pot luck,and good luck with it
  5. Stewart

    English Wheel

    I used to work with a guy who went on to make battle dress armour for the lifeguards and believe me its an art to use one
  6. Why dont you buy some premade louvers then you only have to cut out the slots
  7. Stewart


    You are right it is weird I am only two years younger with a higher value and more miles,my original renewal quote was for £124 but I rang them and asked them to match a quote from A-plan of £105 which they agreed to do so I think you have to find a price you like then go to the company of choice and ask them to match the quote.As an after thought did you build your vehicle because that might be something they take into account.
  8. Stewart


    Just renewed my Zero insurance with Cherished Vehicles,3000 miles,£100 excess owner driver,comprehensive,agreed value £10,000 cost £105
  9. Stewart

    Rivet Gun

    using an air riveter is better as you leave less indentations than with a hand riveter because you are not pushing so hard towards the panel when the rivet mandrel breaks.
  10. Stewart

    Rivet Gun

    Air riveter,hand riveter for what size rivets??lazy tongs hand pliers??
  11. Is there a small allen screw locking the adjuster ring
  12. Stewart


    Cannot remove wheelarches as they are bonded on.
  13. Stewart


    My daughter works for a large Birmingham tyre retailers and I have just had my tintop serviced and MOT whilst there I asked if they do tracking which they do with a super dooper Hunter electronic machine that does all we alignment,problem is the machine requires a set of factory alignment settings to enter in the machine does such a thing exist,all other tracking devices seem to need a fair amount of clearance between the front wing and the tyre which two local firms have told me mine doesnt have enough clearance.
  14. To all Friends And Relations may you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year and may all your wishes come true.

  15. Stewart

    Winter Mag.

    Thanks for the mag,it appears that those of us who did not know Mark missed out on knowing an outstanding person
  16. Other area`s should think of moving the venue through the area it may gain a lot more members attending
  17. Congratulations Zach you are now entitled to have that big grin,well done
  18. weird or what just tried them again and they both work ,must be them cyber gremlins again
  19. What a let down,surely someone has fitted a bonnet cowl over a K&N filter
  20. Stewart

    Oil Catch Tank

    Where do the pipes connect to? one from sump breather??
  21. Stewart

    Oil Catch Tank

    What do members think of these 331125460655 on fleabay
  22. Halon is wonderful stuff had a jet boat once that caught fire with a serious fuel leak,fortunately I had an automatic halon extinguisher under the cover, the engine cover blew off but the only damage was a slight charring of some electrical sleeving and the cost of some new under pants.
  23. What makes you think that type of vehicle only goes on land,its probably a mud anchor
  24. Does anyone Know of an air intake cowl that would cover my K&N filter
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