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  1. My daughter has a new company car a Mazda MX somthing it cost over twenty six thousand pounds has a wacking great diesel engine in it but because of the emissions the rad tax is £0.00,what happened to road tax being to pay for the wear and tear on the roads,this runs on the road and creates a lot more wear than my Zero.
  2. Government are saying from next September there will be no tax disc and we will be able to tax vehicles for as many months as you require not just the standard twelve or six months paying by direct debit. That should be good news for all kit owners.
  3. Try Phoenix Supplies they are at all the kit car shows and reasonably priced,www.phoenixtrim.co.uk.
  4. Congratulations soon the big step that puts an even bigger smile on your face,driving it on the road.
  5. I bought a tool set from this company and had a problem with one of the threaded pins,informed them they said they had carried out a modification and they sent me a complete new set including the aluminium case the following day with no request to even return the first case.Good customer service
  6. Stewart

    Garage Clearout

    Have the cam covers had the oil filler modified??
  7. Stewart

    Iva Pass

    Excellent description of an IVA test should be of great benefit to those who have yet to be tested,and congratulations on your pass.
  8. Why does a kitcar need an iva my soninlaw bought a discovery chassis put a shortened landrover one ten body on it with all area`s modified,it has a rangerover diesel engine in it modified suspension for green laning.Having put a kit through IVA test I know that the rear lights are illegal the front indicators are illegal and who know what else.He finished sent to VOSA with a brief summary of work done and the V5 for the chassis and he gets a new V5 quick MOT and its on the road,he has some knowledge of building vehicles but how many are on the road built by the numties of this world.
  9. Stewart

    Pinto Inlet Manifold

    I have an assortment of manifolds have you any idea what it looks like???
  10. They always know what they are doing??
  11. Hi I have seats fitted in a Zero you are welcome to come and measure anytime. Cheslyn Hay,pm me
  12. Hi Nick We have a similar situation at the rear of our estate the people who back on to the developement have set up and manned a gazebo collecting signatures for fifteen hours a day with large placards with SOS save our space stopping the traffic to get more people drivers and passersbye to sign up,people power is the only way to stop these fat cats building on green belt.
  13. Two statues in a monastry garden one is a teenage boy one is a teenage girl,a fairy godmother lands in the garden and says to them for services rendered I will grant you one wish,they said we wished we were human she replied I can grant that but for only half an hour,thats long enough for what we wont they said she waved her magic wand and they dissapeared behind the nearest bush. After about fifteen minutes they reappeared and the lad said that was wonderful I have waited along time to do that,the girl said I enjoyed it to we still have some time left shall we do it again but lets do it different::::::::::::this time you hold the pigeon and I will s--t on it
  14. Stewart

    Petrol Additive

    Can anyone recommend a petrol additive to put in fuel tank to keep fuel fresh over the period of non use over the winter.
  15. Is it possible to identify all the volunteers on the photo then we can all put faces to the names we see on this forum
  16. http://classicshowsuk.co.uk/carshoweventsinformation/carshow_county.asp?id=1093 new show for a weekend with camping and club stands if required.
  17. Stewart


    Have you seen ebay item 321185551244
  18. Who`s going to volunteer to have the apple on their head???
  19. Stewart


    http://www.quadtech.co.uk/try this they have A lot of digital speedo`s
  20. You can get aluminium angle from B&Q
  21. Stewart

    Body Work

    Stainless Steel ones from A.S.A.P supplies boat Chandler supplies
  22. Cherished car insurance 3000 miles,value £10,000 for £127 fully comp.
  23. When glazing with ribbon rubber the rubber should be stretched thus making it thinner and the end fit tighter.
  24. you may of heard them before but replays,this must be a recording.
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