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Tesco Door Bangers.


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A frequent occurrence I know but yesterday I was fuming. Got back to the car and found the old bag in the next space with her car door touching mine. I asked her to be more careful and she growled at me, closed the door and drove off. Another car immediately pulled in to the space and the younger woman driver swung her door open, bang into the sameish spot on my car.

I said, 'Can you be more careful, Please?'

She said 'It wasn't me. It was the wind! There's no damage.' Then she walked off and obviously didn't give a monkeys. Neither did she feel the need to apologise.


What is the correct course of action?

Slam my door into her car.

Key her car.

Let down a tyre.

Curse and swear at her.

Beat her to a pulp. (Bear in mind I'm 5'4" short and nearly 70. Most 10 year olds can take me easy!)


But seriously what do you do? Just grin and bear it? Always park in the deserted area of the carpark furthest from the front door of the supermarket?



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Infuriating innit?


At the moment I park as far away as possible & deliberately take up 2 spaces.....

I have a "Caution.....Grandad driving......frequent stops" badge in the back window,

just so they know I am an old codger & usually make allowances.....but not always.

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