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Very Lucky Escape


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YOU are correct someone was looking after you my friend, the Nurses once told me it was not your time to go yet so guess we both have a similar Friend who we must thank every minute of our lives.

Hope fully we may meet one day and be able to discuss your "Close Encounter".


In the meantime please please get well and as someone else mentioned the Physio's are your new "Best Friends" their normal motto is "NO PAIN NO GAIN" but pain is worthwhile to ensure you can do as much as you can once you are recovered.


They taught me to Walk Again, something that is so simple can be very difficult.


Hoping your Christmas is better than expected and that you can move forward albeit slowly to begin with.


GET WELL SOON you will have time over the period of recuperation to work on your project to meet whoever it is who is protecting us !!


Kindest personal regards Merry Christmas and a HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEAR in 2017



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Sorry to hear your news mate,

Hope all goes well with your repairs, fortunately your still with us, and from what we've all seen from you before we all know that your a fighter and you'll soon be up and about

As for the car bits of metal rubber and plastic all replaceable, so long as you're still with us that's all that matters

Get well soon mate

Ivan -Andrea

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Thanks all

Sat in recovery. Being carefully monitored. Gave them a scare here. Apparently I was enjoying the morphine a little too much whist I slept. Breathing dropped to 3 breaths per min....now on adrenaline ish drug. Hope i ain't caught running around the ward lol

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