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Ecu Zetec Blacktop

Guest Ophidr

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There are several work-arounds depending on what you want the end result to be. Very early zetec ECU's can be used, original key fixed to the immo pickup and hidden in the car, if you have an early engine. Not much tuning possibility but can be made to run. Convert to carbs and use megajolt but emissions is a problem unless you have an early silvertop engine. You can even get the engine running after a fashion with pre zetec ford electronics but not much use except for banger racing. More information can be searched out on locostbuilders site.

But for reliability, efficient running, full power from a blacktop and future tuning options you just have to bite the bullet and go after-market ECU.

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A variation in Nigel's suggestion -  Megajolt for ignition, bike carbs and a Q plate at IVA? Unless you're dead set against a Q plate.

IVA is hard enough and costly enough to get through as it is and going the age-related registration route will mean a cat and proof of single donor. Aftermarket ECU is flexible and should future proof for later mods if you do them but personally I'd look for the cheapest and simplest route to get through IVA and then modify later.

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