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  1. Well I have uncovered the Cobra hopefully it won't rain again tonight
  2. hopefully i will be able to make it
  3. tractor


    yes i had the GBS GT manifold on my zetec 2b you can find them on the GBS kit spares site
  4. the jubilee clips you are using are to wide you need really thin ones on the carbs
  5. what people call the plough has no structual meaning so you can cut it off sorry i dont have pictures any more but basically where your engine mounts are you can cut the tube back to where your engine mount plate finish the tube that is left underneath the plates is more than strong enough to hold the engine
  6. prop shaft will fit if both vehicles have a type 9 gearbox
  7. i cut mine out of my 2b if it was me i would cut off what you dont need and the heat up the bit that needs adjusting and bend it back you will need acetylene torch to get it cherry red to bend it
  8. tractor


    Vw polo radiator £20 on ebay
  9. oh and is it me or are the front wheel arches the wrong sides
  10. i thought he had sold that ages ago
  11. as of today 14/7/20 10.45 am cannot take any more bookings for caravans run out of space thanks
  12. there is no barrier or gate i have been there today the road opposite the malt house pub cliff hall lane go all the way to the end and there is a sing that that says tameside caravan and camping site it is nothing to do with cliffs lake or kingsbury water park
  13. tractor

    First drive

    looks good but is it a zetec or a vtec two very different engines
  14. ian dunne i think is how its spelt he makes the f2 grass track zetec sumps very good quality never had a problem with mine i think he was the first to do the one piece zetec sump and it is very good quality
  15. its not cliffs lake its further down the road opposite the pub tameside i think its called
  16. no its not kingsbury water park its next to cliffs lake site its the turning opposite the Malt house pub cliff hall lane this is a get together abiding by social distancing rules weekend so every body is welcome even if you are just visiting
  17. looks like we will have a very large field with not many tents in it
  18. using the pedal gives you the true measurement TPS signal zero at rest and throttle fully deprest 100 percent as far as i know doing it at the butterfly will give you a false reading if using the pedal it is not opening it fully i would get your cable working properly to open it full i got a focus throttle cable which works perfectly
  19. tractor

    shiny bits

    i am doing nothing different from wot i tried before only now it works
  20. tractor

    shiny bits

    wow i have actually posted a picture
  21. tractor

    Alps in July?

    whish i could get a week away but i live in leicester and cos of all the NOBS that cant social distance all of Leicester is buggered dont think my car would make that mileage anyway
  22. enjoy it i hope you get it on the road soon
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