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    Garage Clear Out

    Hi. Please put me down for the red cycle wings. regards Alan.
  2. `Sounds good to me Count me in.
  3. Thanks for your reply. You have helped make my mind up. I 100% agree with you that the sport wings look better than the standard cycle wings. I will place the order with GBS tomorrow. I know they have pillar box red in stock. Regards, Alan (Jacko)
  4. Hi lads, Has anyone fitted the GBS front sports type wings? Does anyone have a photo to what they look like fitted? I'm torn between standard cycle and sports type. Regards, Jacko
  5. jacko

    Parts clearout

    HI. I'm intresed in the 4 point harness what is the condition of them would they go through and meet IVA regs cost please. How much is the red steering wheel Regards Alan. [ jacko ]
  6. HI Craig. Have seen your new wheel cover and looks good to me and would like one for my 2b + with red piping 7 logo not required how do i contact. Regards Alan.
  7. HI. Neil if still going put me down for wind deflectors. Regards JACKO.
  8. My nose cone is a untouched original and measures 30mm on the top going down to 25mm at sides. Jacko
  9. Thanks lads i'll give some heat a go i've no nails left and finger tips are red.
  10. HI. Any one have a good method or short cut to removing the protective film from s. steel panels thats been on them for 12 years. Has gone brittle comes off in small flakes Without damaging the surface. Jacko.
  11. Good find have been looking for iva aproved dash and consol for a while now this fits the bill old steel one to be used as backing plate. Regards Alan. [JACKO]
  12. HI Bob. I can make that won,t be in my kit not finished yet Alan. (jacko)
  13. Hi. cbs do a little magic box that can match your sender to another gauge cost 38.40 inc vat. I brought one to match a durite gauge not fitted as yet. Jacko.
  14. Hi all. Just about to buy and install an amp gauge which is best 30- 30+ or 60-60+ amps on gauge for my 2.0 pinto with alternator. Jacko.
  15. Also i forgot to add a drainage hole is req,d to bottom of each well.
  16. Hi. Alan Have just replaced front and back suspension on my 2b+ with gaz units from dampertec spoke with dave he advised rear coil overs for standard road use and average wieght driver 16inch open 300lb springs.I brought mounting shoes that sit in swinging arm wells from kit spares only a few pounds and holes were same as bush insert in damper.but dave does bush liners if you want make your own and reduce bolt dia size. Things i found when fitting mine 1. when i temp fitted damper with out spring attached in bottom of roll tube and let them hang natural in well the o/s one was off centre by 25mm due to frame build /welding .i overcome by making large round plate washer and welding in bttm wells for good seating. 2.Make sure you fit shoe in well to same angle as swinging pivot bolts A MUST also top mount bolt in roll over tube. 3.Don't over tighten bolts through coilovers and shoes just pinch up to allow movment swinging arm axis. 4.use bolts with long shanks so threads don't reck bush linings. 5.when fitting botom shoe in well fit bolts to coilover first really tight for space.Unless you make your own with extended ears. I have photos of complete build and set to mine if any help let me know i'll post them .
  17. Simon. Have just been looking at your posting on fog light switching magic box do you have one for sale . Regards Alan.
  18. jacko


    Try burton power they have a solection of seats in there catalougue on line www.burtonpower.com or phone 0208 518 9199 for sales. 15mins drive past olimpic village on A11- A12 Alan.
  19. Thanks for the info will crack on now.
  20. Hi. Can any one confirm the spacing dims for brake lines fixing required by the iva i'm using the standard sierra set up discs and drums while i can still get to them. Looking through previous posts seems some difference . Alan.
  21. Hi. Just started the strip out of rear old ford spring and damper suspension have ordered from GBS new bottom U mountings for gaz shocks.As no rear wings have ever been fitted measurement was taken from u/side lower return on side panel at rear to ground each side had 8.1/2 lnches with standard sierra wheels on is there a dim from u/side of diff to ground for ride height.GBS gel fibre one piece wings are to be fitted with 15 inch wheels but theres not much difference in height when placed to side of standard wheel this is unladen weight with no petrol.
  22. Thanks for advice i'll start the strip out tomorrow i have in the shocks kit the tubes with U brackets welded on only have the bottom to get or make. Alan
  23. Hi Having just completed the temporary install of gbs front handling kit + gas shocks all seems good. Next is the rear gaz shocks kit advice needed do you remove the long damper unit adjacent the spring set up from the wishbone if so do you remove the out riggers that hold the damper. Alan.
  24. Thank you for your advise and comments it has eased my concerns over the thread turns distance on ball joints. The original wishbone set up was a pigs ear with 3 different mounting holes drilled on top L shape support like a elongated slot i have now over plated this with a stainless flat bar with correct hole position drilled to be welded on.
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