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  1. Before the trip to Wales my MOT is due and I've noticed I need TRE boots. I intend to buy a pair of "BOOT 1" from here: http://www.balljointboots.co.uk/ The postage doesn't increase as the order quantity increases, so if anybody wants a pair for £2.99, let me know before let's say 6pm Saturday 6th June, I can add them to my order and you'll get postage free. I will bring them to Wales on the 7th August. Sorry to hijack your thread Rich, but it is sort of Wales trip related, I hope you agree ;0) T
  2. It is: Dobbies Garden Centre, Shrewsbury SY3 0DA
  3. Just use the curtains.... ...you might also want to bring along your guitars and drums as the bands have been cancelled unfortunately: http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/whats-on/whats-on-news/coventry-motofest-2015-whats-whats-9332142
  4. Yes Rich, I know where they all are now but I still couldn't tell you which is Aldi and which are Lidl. They should combine and put us out of our misery.
  5. But I suspect the motofest is still going ahead
  6. You might want to read this http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-coventry-warwickshire-32174190
  7. Keith, Search the forum for "Steve Walford", you should find a few good posts about him. He probably falls right on the limit of your 50 miles radius. Trev
  8. Ditto all the comments above, was a well wicked weekend wound the winding woads of Wales. Special thanks to Rich and Jackie for fab hospitality/planning and all. Thanks for sharing the videos. I've no videos to offer this year but here's a photo from one of our stops:
  9. Yes, looking forward to it Rich. If I can get away from Cov around 1.30 I should make it to Dobbies between 3.00 and 3.30. See y'all later.
  10. Have a butcher's at this: https://dl.dropboxus...675/gearing.xls I can't remember where the original data came from so can't verify its accuracy but I manipulated the data to draw the graph. Just insert your wheel/tyre size into cells H3 to J3. Insert diff ratio into cell B4. Insert gear ratios into cells I9 to M9 and it should work. Copy the file if you want to keep it before I delete the file from dropbox. Anybody spot anything fundamentally wrong with it please let me know. T
  11. RedTrev

    Surrey Roof

    Oh! Would've been nice to have known that in your initial reply PM. Oh well, Cheers anyway
  12. RedTrev

    Surrey Roof

    Drew is going to send me some details and also post some pictures on here. If I decide not buy to I'll let you know immediately.
  13. During a winter (and spring!) of next-to-no use of the 2B I eventually decommissioned the distributor and got the Megajolt fitted to my 2 litre Pinto, which has an unknown cam and 38DGAS Weber. It seemed to run ok(ish) with no load, idle was rough (worse than it was with the distributor set-up) and when on the road seemed to lack some of the pulling power it had before, particularly in the low/mid band. I had “guessed” a basic map so wasn’t really expecting too much from it. So, after last week’s MOT (where The MOT tester said it seemed lean at idle and then running too rich) I decided to book a rolling road session. I went to Northfield to visit Steve Walford Motorsport today and let Steve do his magic. He checked a few things over then got the rollers rolling to work on the ignition map. This took a fair length of time before he was happy enough with it to start fiddling with the carbs. After changes to the idle jet, one of the main jets and, I think, the air correction jets too, he went back to the map and tweaked a few areas. (The MOT tester’s earlier diagnosis was correct BTW). Then he ran the rolling road to get the results of his hard work shown in the form of some nice graphs. Well, it gave 112 bhp at the wheels (~140 at the flywheel), a good result. I’d set the soft limiter in the Megajolt to just a smidge over 6k which Steve nudged up to 6.5k. He said it just seems to pull and pull, confirmed the cam is definitely not standard and overall it seemed a nice lump. The drive home (M42, M40, A46 in rush hour) was not ideal to give feedback on the changes but during the short run to the motorway at the start of the journey it felt very responsive through the range. The idle is also much better, albeit still lumpy, but that’s “due to the cam”. I need to get it on the open road now (RichyB's Midlands run out to Wales springs to mind so I need to get planning). I know Steve Walford's details are already on here somewhere but here's a link to his webpage to save you searching if you’re interested: http://stevewalfordmotorsport.homestead.com/index.html
  14. You see this all too often. I actually expect it to happen nowadays and am pleasantly surprised when someone displays good lane discipline on roundabouts.
  15. RedTrev


    Congratulations . Mine passed its MOT too today, first MOT after IVA pass over 3 yrs ago. Advisory on NSF track rod end rubber showing signs of deterioration but no failure. Happy days! Tax now applied for so back on road soon
  16. Hi, Have you looked here: http://www.autosportlabs.org/viewforum.php?f=15&topicdays=0&start=0 I found one for my Pinto which has 38DGAS. I modified the map slightly and my engine runs.... it's not been on the road with the map yet, but it runs! T
  17. Hi Richard, Yes, as Bob says above, there is a link in my original post to a picture of one of the wheels. They are 4 of the same. If the link doesn't work for you let me know and I can email you the picture. Trev
  18. Hi all, I have 4 Sierra alloy wheels with good tyres that I do not need. I fitted these to my 2B when I took it for the IVA test as they passed the IVA requirements for Wheel Guards due to their narrower width (my current ones are right on the limit so didn't want to risk it). Two have ContiEcoContact tyres and two have Dunlop SP10's. All are 175 65 14 (82T). All have loads of tread depth, in fact the 2 Conti tyres have only been used to and from the IVA centre (Coventry to Birmingham and back). They are this type of wheel: https://dl.dropboxus...11 12.01.37.jpg Free to collector, from Coventry. Trev
  19. RedTrev

    Vin Plate

    Best bet is refer to the appropriate and latest IVA manual. https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-approval/individual-vehicle-approval-manuals
  20. Don't waste your money then, I won't be.
  21. As title, half price Redex in Tesco. In my local Coventry branch they had the diesel and the petrol injection flavours
  22. In response to your question, I ordered from Oponeo yesterday, late morning. Their website said delivery within 48hrs.The tyres were delivered this morning, less than 24hrs later. In my experience, they're good and genuine.
  23. A heads-up for R1R's........... Oponeo £62 delivered (195/50/15) http://www.oponeo.co.uk/tyre/toyo-r1r http://www.toyo.co.uk/tire/pattern/proxes-r1r Trev
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