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  1. There's a little car museum nearby, might be worth a visit if all interested and if we have time?
  2. I'm in too, room booked. Missed your money saving link by 10 minutes Richy... get up earlier! :-)
  3. Yes, thanks to Rich and Jackie for yet another fab one, great fun, great people. Ta muchly from me and DJ Bri.
  4. I don't know what sort you have but I recently bought a new QH fc52 cap from here: https://www.redlinecarparts.com/fc52-qh-radiator-cap-p-483749.html £5.60 delivered. Ignore the stock picture on their site, it's actually the typical metal type. Delivery was quick, but it wasn't over a bank holiday weekend, which may delay things.
  5. Beef & Ale Pie and Profiteroles (x2), please Rich. Thanks.
  6. My current plan is to leave Cov early/mid afternoon then go pick up Brian, so we will be late arrivers.
  7. Have booked Llys Olwen. I will be leaving Cov mid-afternoon on the Friday, pop into Lichfield to pick-up Bri and arrive Nefyn early evening all being well .
  8. RedTrev

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    Go via your topcashback account to Halfords, and receive 4% cashback and obtain a discount code for 10% discount at Halfords checkout. (discount code is MOTWORK01 ) Was £150, then £75, now £67.50 Update: Just read the discount code expires 17 Nov ....and if you haven't got a topcashback account yet, just click on the link below which will refer you to their site, and I'll get a little bonus if you join... https://www.topcashback.co.uk/ref/redtrev
  9. Agree, it was a fabulous weekend and thanks again to Rich and Jackie for pulling it all together. Here's a little vid of the run around the Great Orme on Saturday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38Z07YU3bHg T
  10. Yes, quite familiar with the route having run it twice last year! (Once in the kit, then in Suzanne's mini).My departure time is not set in concrete as Suzanne's cystoscopy is 09:30, so it depends upon hospital efficiency and, of course, the outcome. Assuming all's well, I'll then head over to Lichfield to pick up Brian and go from there. Fuelled up yesterday ready to go and can't wait! XC Weather forecast is looking promising (at time of post!) http://www.xcweather.co.uk/forecast/Morfa_nefyn T
  11. I too use Toyo R1Rs. I bought from Oponeo.... here:: http://www.oponeo.co.uk/tyre/toyo-r1r
  12. +1 for Weber 32/36. My Pinto had Weber 32/36 originally, later changed to 38DGAS, but hoses were compatible. Water hose to heater matrix, 15.8mm bore. Fuel-in, 8mm bore.
  13. I bought mine from Oponeo. http://www.oponeo.co.uk/tyre/toyo-r1r
  14. Massive thanks to Richy and Jackie for another super weekend. Great company, food and run out with the right weather to boot. Unfortunate about the 2B breakdown but the lil Mini did us proud (thanks Suzanne). Now in Robin Hood's Bay enjoying the sun. :0)
  15. We're planning to go on the Sunday, see you there?
  16. Haha, I did the maths Rich, gotta pay for the weekend fuel and accommodation somehow...... and I'm off the following week to Robin Hood's Bay, so August hour-count will be low
  17. Another good online shop for electrical goods: http://www.polevolt.co.uk/index.html T
  18. Reading Kevin's report on "Cars on the Green" reminded me of the annual Lichfield event "Cars in the Park" which occurs this year on 4th and 5th July, Link here: http://www.carsinthepark.com/index.html No entry fee, no registration/booking needed, just turn up on the day (unless going as part of a club). T
  19. As I'm a scratting contractor I'm not in a position to set off early that Friday, but I know the route so will meet up at final destination if not before. I reckon I'll be passing Dobbies at around 3:00 to 3:30pm.
  20. Chatting about cars (as you do) to a fellow parent whilst collecting kids from school yesterday, and he mentioned this: https://www.princethorpe.co.uk/news/events/twentieth-motoring-festival---2015-event starts with a 30 mile run through the Warwickshire countryside. T
  21. I should be there, pending a successful MOT this coming Saturday
  22. No you don't have to tin the wire ends (but I suppose you could), just cut and strip them. Heat with a heat gun, the heat flows the solder and shrinks the heatshrink in one fell swoop.
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