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    C Spanner

    60mm across flats, just measured one lurking under the bench HTH
  2. miikae

    Only In America

    I see that you can tell the size/weight of there owners/users by looking at the tyre widths
  3. Its a real pain as i did one a few years back as it was rotten at the front, so took the front window out, front panel off and had to replace the rotten wood framing and the fibre glass insulation as it was soaked, inner panel also needed replaceing due to being mouldy on the back. Tanalised wood lats did the job nicely, sealer, rivets and jobs a goodun. I needed it at the time as i was working away from home and managed to save loads of my hotel expences.
  4. Not that local to you i know but my cars mot's and a few other kit owners us a family owned garage in Horncastle, the owners son has just bought himself an almost complete Challenger E type replica so is into kits himself and always willing to chat about cars together with his dad. I lived in the GY area for most of my life and always used small out of town garages. Just a thought Toll Bar Motors ( the Suzuki dealers) do my cousins cars not kits though. Mike
  5. They call them Cleco's , many suppliers on ebay.
  6. Neither am i , young that is a lot older the you possibly, but JK seat pads fitted as per pic in my garage in a nice Lime green that i managed to get for half price
  7. I bought a pair of Triton seats last year after mice had a ball with my new Cobra seats linky to Triton seats they will do them in any RAL colour as listed on there site, they are now located near Northampton if my memory serves me right. I had a pair made in golden yellew and fitted a set of jk composites seat pads pic in my garage.
  8. They may well have shares in Alcan by the sound of it plus they are discrimanating against the skilled joiners who make wooden ladders, the HSE will be the ruination of our country.
  9. The bearing in Al's pic is a FS-SB 205 and the housing is 2 off PFL 205 one for either side of the bearing to form its housing. Any local bearing supplier should be able to get it for you or look on line as i have seen them. Bearing Linky Houseing Linky HTH a wee bit. Mike
  10. miikae


    When i rebuilt mine and fitted new after market gauges my harness plug was an early one and is as follows 1/ Main beam neg 2/ Main beam pos 3/Seatbelt 4/Fuel gauge pos 5/Fuel gauge neg 6/Oil warning blu/grn 7/Ign warning alternator blue 8/Brake warning 9/Dash lights pos 10/Dash lights neg 11/ Water temp sender 12/ Indicator warning Right 13/Indicator warning Left There was a link from pin 1 to 10 ( a neg link) I have just found the above info so i hope it is of some help to you as its a while since i did mine and can only write now what i wrote at that time in my little black book. HTH Mike
  11. I joined the Cubs after comming back from a 2 year holiday in Malta in 1952, then the Scouts 32nd Walderslade troupe ,had many very enjoyable summer camps as i was the tree climbing rigger and test pilot for the death slide and they could not keep me off it, ended up as troupe leader for a couple of years and flag bearer at the Saint Georges day parades to Rochester Cathedral, the high winds were a problem at times , i finaly left when i was 15 and started my apprenticeship far away from Chatham up north in Loughborough for Brush Elect Eng Co, the start of a life of riley traveling all over the globe until i called it a day at 32 due to my parents ill health. To conclude the scouts taught me a lot of which i will always be greatfull, how to be independant and to stand on your own 2 feet plus being responsable for ones own actions and being prepared for what the world will throw at you. I could say that i started my traveling life at the age of 5 when we flew to Malta in a Viking (my sister and i the only children on the flight and i was allowed onto the flight deck as a treat, never seen so many dials) with 3 stops for fuel Paris Nice and Rome then Malta where the Lancasters flew daily from Luca, came back to the UK on the P&Os SS Windrush which caught fire and partialy sunk the very next year in the Bay of Biscay on the same voyage bringing back service families. HSE killed off the British Bulldog that was so much fun and charactor building , i loved it.
  12. A few months ago, this officer issued a £50 fixed penalty for littering to unemployed Stewart Smith, who accidentally dropped a £10 note in the street as he left a shop.
  13. I fitted a second New Stainless Steel Silencer bought of ebay for a quid , bare silencer no pipes fitted so i had to do that myself useing stainless adapter pipes either end , 48mm id output and 54mm id input to fit over the header pipe , after cutting the standard pipe it just slips on , if it has to come off for any reason then i only have to socket on a bare pipe in its place . Sounds great now and a big plus i can hear again and the headaches have gone yippy . Pics in my garage.
  14. 10 mins late again not bad for me as i was usualy at least 30 mins late plus i was always top of the late league every month
  15. Many moons ago when i had Sprites i made up a panel with 2 switches and soldered two metal case elliot relays to the switch contacts, one switch cut the starter circuit and the other connected the horn circuit in so that when the ignition was turned on all was ok until the start circuit was activated then the horn sounded, some scrotts did try to nick it one night but all to no avail as thy just nicked the tax disc and screwed the ign lock but even trying to hot wire it the horn sounded , when i came to it in the early morning i was a bit confused when i could not find the ign lock to put the key into as i was not really awake very off putting when hung over and still in a daze I took it into a garage once for something to be done only to be phoned at work to ask me how the hell to start it as they had been trying for ages and the horn was driving them mad help was the cry Air horns really worked in this case Plus i still have that panel with the 2 3way double pole switches.
  16. A cunning plan that went very wrong by the sound of it, but at least the procedes of its sale will be going to a good cause brought on by a very tragic event. Thats a great video of the type 13 driver giving it some beans.
  17. Victor Meldrew had a good one P1SOF
  18. I get the Typhoon on an almost daily basis flying low and fast as its only based a few miles away at Conningsby, plus the Lancaster Spitfire and Hurricane plus a few other oldies from time to tme in the summer months and when flight testing or just the Lancaster doing fly pasts with their bomb doors open over the local memorials on set days as they have done for many years now.
  19. If anyone fancies a ride in a Lancaster click here no take offs though.
  20. 10 - 11 years as a guess I did see the Vulcan at farnborough when it was the test bed for the Concorde engine in 1961 i think it was.
  21. A few years ago i was lucky enough to buy my T100SS as a basket case for £250 and it came with a 1923 reg number 2515RF, shame they are not my initials but the numer is worth a bit now, my other bike P--ORT, plus 8 years ago i bought M11KAE for my car for £250 from the DVLA. Just to add Dean, Steve Parrish was a quick lad in his day as i remember well my cousin diceing with him at Snetterton and drinking with him in the club house in the evening. Mike
  22. Nice one Stephen i could do with either of those in my first mug of coffee Mike
  23. The nut bolt washer method with a ratched ring spanner on the larger sizes does it for me every time plus its far easier on the wrist too. Mike
  24. Hi Jan its as follows G0SWW KN 73s 88s Also still have G7MES my first callsign pre passing my morse test in the early 90s. PS i get my pension in 2 months as of yesterday. Mike
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