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  1. I got so sick of dodgy fuel gauge readings, this year I designed and had built a custom fuel tank that takes the supplied ETB sender that's matches the ETB gauge, empty is empty full is full. Mix and matching parts is rarely going to give reliable results. For the 1st time ever I don't carry a fuel can and with 9gal I've got at least 300mile range.
  2. From momeory my old 2b had wheel nuts on that needed a 13/16 socket bigger than most cars with either 17mm or 19mm socket size, ford thread is usually M12
  3. I've all ways run my kit cars with a tiny bit of toe in. Better for straight-line stability.
  4. More importantly regardless of the led, what voltage are you seeing at the battery terminals at tick over ? Is it jumping up to 13.5 to 14.2v or does that only happen once you hit 3k rpm ?
  5. I.m busy for a while so no probs, pm me nearer the time and I will find a day i.m not working at the weekend...
  6. speedtripledan

    Bmw Z4

    Always fancied one of those myself.
  7. When my 2b was rear ended by a big Jag the spare wheel hoop acted like a bumper (no spare) and transferred the impact through the chassis bending up round the back and the diff. I'd leave it be the chassis would be weakend if removed (in the event of a rear end impact)
  8. I.m aiming to go again on the above day, if you fancy joining me book on. I will be there with one or two others. There is usually a good number of kit cars in attendance as such it would be good to see some club branding there, might even attract some new members.
  9. Haven't had a spare wheel on a kit car in 8yrs, tyre weld maybe breakdown cover definitely...
  10. 195 50 15 is a commen size on most kits. Tyre choice should be decided by how you intend to drive, I use Toyo r1r at the minute as the car is mostly used on track days I've used pilot sport 3 before that when it was a road focused car, good in all weathers.
  11. I just do it using bathroom scales that go up to 250kg each and my scissor lift. I re did my car yesterday as I had to raise the rear ride height for tyre clearance issues. I have bags of sand to replicate my weight in the seat and go from there. I.m sure it's not racecar accurate but it's close enough and repeatable. The difference was very noticeable... I would be happy to do your car if you want to come up here.
  12. How much do you want to get out of it ? It's not an easy job to do right and certainly not cheap. Turbos are easier by far. My 2.0l zetec uses an eaton mp62 supercharger providing 12psi of boost.
  13. If your going to the hassle of a dohc in my opinion you may as well go the whole hog and swap to duratec. Working on one this weekend, it's a nice straight forward engine.
  14. Your Welcome round if you want a look
  15. My silvertop zetec was terrible with the raceline rail, temps either too high or to low and took an age to warm up swapped it to retro ford and never had a temp problem sense, I also added a Davis Craig EWP and controller and For good measure a triple core coolex alloy rad. Last week in 30deg on the track the water stayed at 95 no problem.
  16. Not fitted one to dohc but have just fitted one to my supercharged zetec. It makes a massive differance. Went from 120deg on the track to 95 on the same track with the weather at 30deg. Get a thermostatic take off so the cooler days it gets up to temp. Matt lewis racing are a great company to get the bits from
  17. Get a record vice, not cheap but last a lifetime
  18. When I 1st got my 2b within 2 weeks I 360 off a roundabout into a ditch ! Worse thing was my brother was sat in the passenger seat. He still brings it up once and a while 12yrs on...
  19. If the date falls off shift I will join you. Did you sort out your oil pressure ?
  20. Just looking for a quick fix, its only the handle that's broke. Can anyone measure from the handle base to the bottom of the stick for me ?
  21. There is nothing better than a track day to expose any cars weakness especially in 30deg. It's one of the reasons Ive done 2 this year. If it survives you know nothing in normal road driving will hurt it.. Only issue for me was brake fluid needs changing to race spec for the next outing. The big brake mods and oil cooler worked brilliantly
  22. Anyone got a spare I could purchase, mines broke
  23. Also Look at tigers, fisher / slyvia Fury's, mk indy GBS zero etc there are loads of kit cars out there all with good and bad points
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