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  1. theduck

    Quantum kit car

    Love these things! Factory was round the corner from where I grew up back in those days.
  2. 1977 will be the date from the donor car as the dolomite kits were sold between 1989 and 1991 http://nw.rhocar.org/identification.htm
  3. Those arches look great!
  4. theduck

    Zero Windscreen

    Certainly does! Do it do it do it
  5. theduck

    Type 9 box

    Decent gear ratio calculator here http://westfield-world.com/gtc.html @brumster had an even better spreadsheet.
  6. theduck

    Type 9 box

    If memory serves correctly, the mx5 boxes have even worse ratios when used with a Sierra diff. Rx8 boxes are commonly used in place of ford boxes now, stronger and nice change, but again, not great ratios as they are designed for a car that can rev to 10k!
  7. Marking you’ll be looking for on the cam will be on the end of the cam at the back of the head. Carb wise I agree with the above comments, either a 32/36 or a set of bike carbs. Distributor I would go for powerspark over accuspark personally https://simonbbc.com/ford-pinto-ohc-type-distributor/ I would also back your ignition timing back to 12* at idle, will leave you at 32* up top and most pintos don’t seem make any extra power with more advance than that anyway.
  8. @richardm6994 on here made it, not sure if he is on the forum much anymore but you can contact him via the red7 facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/red7autoengineering/
  9. I did have to speed that section up just a little bit...
  10. This would be the right kit for a 2b https://www.rallydesign.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=14504
  11. Just seen this on Facebook, looks a good one for the midlands members, just down the road from our monthly meeting spot
  12. and that link is not a complete kit, still need pads and brake hoses.
  13. They are on my shopping list, along with the matching engine mounts.
  14. Yep, has been moved to 25th/26th July to avoid a clash with Goodwood Revival.
  15. You will need to put the car through an IVA inspection in order to register it, plenty of guidance available. Cost of the inspection is £450 and if the car fails retests cost £90. The official IVA guidance manual is here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/iva-manual-for-vehicle-category-m1
  16. theduck

    T Series Engine

    This thread is 5 years old...
  17. Finish 2017's winter mods
  18. if it works, no reason not to use it.
  19. theduck

    Zetec turbo

    @DeanRudkin and @Matt brown did turbo conversions on their 2.0 zetecs, process and costs would be similar.
  20. theduck

    Last Stonleigh

    There are rumours every year that the next stoneleigh is the last one. Issue is that the show has become a show owners, rather than the public and the stoneleigh model doesn’t support that. H
  21. theduck

    Best choice of engine

    It comes down to what is easier for you to do, the engine swap or making the car nicer. For me it would be the engine swap.
  22. theduck

    Best choice of engine

    Wasnt questioning why remove a pinto, I totally get that. Though you can get 200bhp for under a grand if you do it right! NA tuning of a pinto is a mugs game and that is the only option are considering when they say it will costs thousands for very little power. You can efi convert and turbocharge a pinto for well under a grand if you are careful, and easily for less than cost of bike carbs and an FR32 which seems to be the defacto tuning recommendations for a pinto these days. For the kind of money some people spend on getting 160bhp NA on a pinto I have at least 275bhp from my pinto! I say at least because we had wheel spin on the dyno and so couldnt get an accurate final figure for the low boost setup. High boost will be significantly more. Anyway I am waffling on about pintos, what I really meant was why must it be an MK rather than one of the many other seven type kits? and why a duratec rather than a decent spec zetec? You could find a decent zetec powered car GBS Zero, Tiger, MK, Locost, MNR, etc much easier than just looking for a Duratec MK which is likely to be very rare. As for St170, which for clarity is actually a zetec event if it says duratec on the cover, it is a great option if swapping out an older engine, though imo you should spend the bit more and go for bike throttle bodies with fuel injection over the bike carbs.
  23. theduck

    Best choice of engine

    From memory it was the rods that I was always led to believe were the weak point. They can be prone to big end bearings going too, which iirc is because they are sensitive to oil levels in the sump and also can have issues with the oil pressure relief valve
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