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  1. In this video the main focus is getting the wiring finished! To that end, we set about installing our megasquirt ecu in to the 1958 Prefect 100e Pinto Turbo Project Car. It's a setup we used previously on the kit car build, but the looms a mess, but not because we did a bad job last time, oh no, we were smart, we knew it was going to be pulled out and go into something else, so what we did was extend our brand new loom so when we pulled it it out we still had a completely new loom to work with on the new car, and it was totally worth it! We also get a little bit of plumbing done while we are a
  2. This type of launch control does help if you spend time working out what the ideal launch RPM is, and obviously can adjust it for different conditions etc. Though its main benefit is setting it up in such a way that you can build boost on the line in turbocharged cars.
  3. As above auto off isnt required
  4. Can't say I have ever heard of type 1 and type 2 doors. As far as i know all original robin hood roofs and doors were the same across the particular model, and would most likely fit any other robin hood model too.
  5. Making a wiring loom from scratch is hard work and takes a lot of planning, but it will be totally worth it when it is all done! As well as working on the wiring I install new switch panel and centre console, some of my intellitronix gauges and my pidash.
  6. Agree with Dan, reckon current routing is fine.
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    haha, well I help with running the website, and like others who still around, still like kit cars and have made a lot of friends through the club. Plus in part my kit car lives on in my current car as I re-used a lot of bits from it in the new one.
  8. theduck

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    That we moved on? Or that we are still lurking?
  9. theduck

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    There are even a few of us still lurking having moved on from kit cars
  10. With the extended lock down, and the fact that I am due to be isolating until after this event due to being classed as at risk, I am cancelling my hotel today and will look to re-arrange this when the world is a safer, saner place. If others want to keep their reservations and make a call nearer the time, I will happily provide route details etc still.
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    Robin Hoods tend to be heavy, 700+kg is the norm which adds to some of the derision. They can be excellent cars, but a featherweight trackday special they are not.
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    The year of registration is just that, when it was registered. My S7 was sold to the original purchaser in 1994, but wasnt registered until 2015!
  13. In amongst all the work I have been doing on the wiring, I have been doing small periods of work on other bits and pieces to try and keep me sane! This video is a collection of the work I did on the turbo and the intake manifold setups and I am very pleased with the results. The new (used) Subaru TD05 turbo exhaust housing is in immaculate condition and was well worth buying as it fits the new turbo, and everything else perfectly. If only the inlet manifold was as good a buy! I am still in shock by not only how dirty it was but that I found so much crap inside it! Yes, I know, it a youtube vid
  14. Only true for turbo charged engines, supercharged engines still respond to exhaust tuning in the same way an NA engine does.
  15. Slowly filling up my scrap wiring bin.
  16. I think zachs blog is a must read for anyone considering building a mazda based zero. His was one of the first mazda kits - https://zachsgbszero.blogspot.com/2012/10/
  17. Second marks recommendation, is what I am using on the 100e.
  18. It's that time of the build where I want to start building a completely custom wiring harness for the 100e, but not old is there a lot of wiring in this video, I receive a very generous gift from a subscriber! First up though is making FIVE battery leads, 1 ground, 1 to the FIA battery cut off, 1 to the bulk head connector, 1 to the alternator and last but not least, 1 to the starter! With those out the way it is time to turn attention to the main fuse board, which leads on to the fancy start button set up I want to use! It really is never ending this stuff.
  19. Perfect Blue Buildings - Counting Crows
  20. If you want something you can pick up at Halfords, you cant go wrong with Autoglym. I would use their Super Resin Polish as it isn't very abrasive and so is a good balance between a proper polish and a pre-wax cleaner. I'd then follow that with either extra gloss protection or HD wax. Beyond that, I really like the Dodo Juice range, https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/dodo-juice Lime Prime is described as a pre-wax cleaner but really is a similar polish to Autoglyms SRP, which is why they also make Lime Prime Lite, which really is a pre wax cleaner. They offer a range of colour specific hard
  21. Depends on your skill set tbh. No off the shelf turbo manifolds so either need to get one made or make one yourself. Other than that it’s easy. Sell the webers and convert to efi - I have actually just removed an inlet that’s ideal for a kit car as it fits under the stock bonnet from my turbo pinto fit turbo and turbo manifold use oil pressure sensor location for oil feed to turbo oil return to sump use heater plumbing for turbo coolant feed if required Plumb boost pipes to intake via intercooler plumb in boost controller if wanted/needed run 10-
  22. In my experience Pinto EFI ECU adds a LOT of fuel when it thinks the engine is cold, enough to cause incomplete combustion, loss of power, and unburnt fuel i the exhaust. It could also cause fouling of the plugs which make the whole thing worse.
  23. Think most people make their own.
  24. Now, where does this bit go? That's a question I see my self asking a lot over the coming weeks, so first thing first better formulate a plan! I need to work out where everything is going to live, and of course, the plan I had in my mind looks like it isn't going to work out. Still, in this weeks video we make lots of progress, the pedal box is in, the battery is in, the handbrake is half in, we make a CAD template for one of the two switch panels, and even make plans for plumbed in fire extinguisher!
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