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Steering Wheel Boss

keith kelly

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GRRRR!!! got new sterring wheel, already had a boss (Supposed to be for a for sierra, says so on box) but took old wheel off and the shaft is hexagonal and not splined!


been on internet to find another boss but none show the middle so don't know if they are the right ones. Are there Two types? I did find one that showed the middle and it was splined so no good.


anyone got one for sale 70mm PCD?

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Wont be able to drive the car with that on bob,! Only just got knee clearance with a 11" wheel.


Utuber what pcd is it as it looks like 100mm to me ie for the mountney wheel

PCD ????
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Guest peter2b2002

You can make an adaptor , i used a piece of ally 10mm thick 6 holes @70mm pcd then another ring of 6 holes @100pcd to convert my mounty mount to match the new stearing wheel


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Have just checked the garage, I was confusing myself earlier!!

I have an old Mountney boss with a hexagonal column interface, but it has 100mm pcd for the Mountney wheel.

I also have a 70mm pcd flat faced boss, you are welcome to that to see whether you can make an adaptor as Peter suggests above.


Edit: Forgot to add pics


70mm PCD Boss.doc

Edited by Al Milton
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