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Emissions Proposals For Kit Cars Scrapped!


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From Complete Kit Car on Facebook




We've just received a call from the Department for Transport confirming that they will not proceed with the part of the emissions regulation proposals that affected kit cars. There were over 2000 responses to the consultation.

A Department for Transport spokesperson said:

“The UK’s specialist vehicle industry is thriving – it creates jobs and gives enjoyment to many, with products exported all over the world.

“We are grateful to the over 2000 kit and replica car enthusiasts, manufacturers and suppliers who took part in this consultation. Following their responses, we have decided that there will be no changes to the current MOT–style testing of kit car emissions.”


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So glad this worked

Thank you to all who responded, I did a bit of behind the scenes on this and got a mixed reception on a few sites, I contacted Adam @ Complete Kitcar a bit late in the day when responses from other forums was less than I had wished for and Adam used his extensive contacts to keep the momentum going and this was the result


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Guest Moog6

From Complete Kit Car on Facebook


This is fantastic news indeed!!!!!


I am buying and collecting my Robin Hood S7 Kit car at the end of June. It has a 1984 Ford Sierra Pinto engine Webber 40 Carbs.

The car was registered in 1997.


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