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No lights


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Hi folks


I'm a new RH Exmo owner. Great fun had at back end of summer although as the darker nights approached I noticed my rear lights are not working but the headlights are.

Indicators are off too

Are these all on the same citcuit/fuse?

Hoping to play with this problem over my xmas hols

There are a number of other electrical issues for me to work through but lights are a badic requirement for me to enjpy safe road fun


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I’d say that checking the fuses are the first thing to do. I don’t know if you have a dedicated kitcar loom or if you’re using the old Sierra loom but if you have a blown fuse it should be easy to identify visually. 
Just make sure you have the correct rating fuse if it needs replacing. 😁

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Ok got indicators back on, loose plug behind the stalks

The loom for the lights is split into 3, left and right at the front and one to the rear.

I have brake lights but no rear running lights.

There are yellow feeds to the headlights and whites for main beam. I cant find a voltage supply in the rear loom when lights are switched on which will be my problem.


If I cant source where supply should come from would there be any issue taking a feed from the front light looms?


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Ok some good progress tracing the loom today. Found supplys to each rear light and one for rear running lights had no supply. I took one from the front headlights circuit and all good.

Reversing lights and foglights to sort next. And wiper motor and horn what a mess.

At least I can play out again now

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