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  1. WallerZ

    Sump Removal

    Sure you have every single bolt out? Theres always one hiding somewhere! If yes, big screw driver to prise it whilst using a stanley knife (or other long reach sharp utensil if you can smuggle one out the kitchen ;) lol) and keep cutting away. The V6 sump is purely RTV Silicone sealant as standard. I've had that thing off a number of times, just make sure both sides are clean when reapplying/fitting
  2. WallerZ

    Led Wiring

    I've used those type no problem before. I would be thinking there is an issue elsewhere. You can test those LED strips by just sticking them over the battery terminals too. At least, I have done that without death that is....
  3. I got a 3/4 size stick on plate from ebay on top of the nosecone. "Proper" one kept getting knocked off, sir so I went with something is better than nothing and I no longer scatter number plates around the county ;)
  4. I can't block my vision with it on the front of the nosecone so there is no point in putting it on the car
  5. Thats a dirty lie! We're not invited again as Keith promised 30 cars
  6. Any indication what time we can arrive from? I cant see anything on their website either
  7. Well Zach is.....still gotta convince Hannah
  8. I might be later in the year.....once I quieten it down....and have it all tuned up properly haha
  9. I'm in! Lets see what fluids I can lose this year!
  10. Maybe the way forward would be getting club discounts on pre-organised track days and getting a group of people to go? I'd rather pay a bit extra and go to a track than race around cones on an airfield tbh
  11. Another vote for RTV sealant! Have used it to success on my sump and oil cooler/filter housing surfaces without an intermediate gasket (cooler/filter housing is under pressure too!) I can confirm the best thing is a long cure time too. Once I fixed it properly, it hasn't leaked since!
  12. Sounds like you've already disregarded a lot of good options/already on very decent rubber. May I be controversial and suggest maybe driving style needs adapting? My suggestion if you're set on tyres is to go wider. My kit has 232lbft (200 from 1750rpm) and with my lowly Toyo Proxes, will spin the wheels in 1st for sure, but in the corners and 2nd its all very controllable to allow me to drive briskly (its a public highway after all ;) lol) Comes down to how you use the loud pedal, its not a switch is it?
  13. I live in Coventry and travel the wrong way for breakfast. Plus, based on last year, I can confirm this bunch are better than the AA for when something goes wrong haha
  14. But I want my blue passport made in France back!
  15. I'll be there for breakfast! Should be there without the need for top ups for oil, electricity or cylinders
  16. Castle Combe is a good shout, be aware, a lot of track day insurers don't cover the track due to Quarry Corner (I think I only found 2 that did!). Decent track, free tuition and the best set up of 15min sessions preventing your endurance racing heros staying out all day lol. Any say on car numbers allowed?
  17. If we're short on pig, we'll top it up with the fallen of the committee royal rumble First rule of Rhocar fight club.........
  18. You'll just have to come Coventry for Motofest on the Sunday then
  19. We only want to pay £20 for it though, club and non-members can fund the rest. Thanks!
  20. I agree, get a few prices and we can go from there. I'd suggest a cheaper one first to gauge interest. I'm up for it but will be needing noise tests before I commit lol
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