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    Drums To Discs

    Laser cut or watercut (which is cheaper ;) theres a place in Coventry called Aquajet Profiles, very reasonable prices and done a lot of my watercutting
  2. I'm due for renewal, 2.5L V6, 3000 miles, 25 years old, garaged and in Coventry (high risk post code!) renewal was £287.50 with A-Plan. Roughly where I expect it to be, hopefully will come down when I update their modification list of "Individual Throttle Bodies (Turbo)" as it is definitely not turbo'd........yet. Is it a sign?
  3. WallerZ


    AA Membership. Works really well! And doesn't affect the weight of the car as much as all the spares and tools I'd need
  4. Sure thats right? When did we become Midlands Retro Ford? Will I be allowed with my Jap scrap?
  5. Mines always broken so doesn't have any emissions
  6. This is the beast from the east(mids)
  7. Haven't taken anything apart! It gets a new intake and that will be it! Maybe treat my neighbours to quieter exhausts.......
  8. Its already been to Stoneleigh this year and thats further! And back! All under its own power! Basically finished
  9. It's a bit of a trek, but I shall be there...........
  10. Circa 100 quid for me with 10k cover
  11. Works for me! My council tax went down this year, regained my single person discount, just another silver lining
  12. Don't pay your council tax and watch how quickly the money is spent to recover it from you, then you'll find some value for money
  13. Haha its the GBS standard response when something doesn't work "It was designed to do this instead" basically they didn't think about that. Anyway, trying to keep this on topic for the OP, its been so long and I've had so much else go on with my Zero I have forgotten your cryptic clue Simon haha. You'll have to drop it on an email to me again when you have some free time
  14. "Designed" to use more parts that GBS can then sell you ;) I think the issue was with a baffled tank (that appears to have been discussed and agreed) and then being supplied something different. I agree the issue would not be solved with baffles however it would present itself with less remaining fuel or more aggressive driving depending on the design of the baffles. Once again, GBS have "designed" something that with a bit of proper thought, could have produced a better overall product. My first try would be filling the tank with foam and a vertical sender to avoid reading issues. Then if that doesn't work, maybe weigh up a new tank with built in swirl pot or fitting a little 0.5l one in the engine bay and associated gubbings instead of ripping the back panel off to get the tank out.
  15. I remember from when I was doing all my kit bits, GBS had a "Standard" tank and "Sport" tank where the difference seemed to be a sender boss and baffles on the "sport". I shall double check from my *bleep*ised standard tank currently in my garden scrap pile but I am very very confident of it not being baffled (which tbf was expected hence my swirl pot set up) Foam would be my option and force the sizeable cubes down the filler neck. Although I'm sure that method was disagreed with at some point......?
  16. I got a custom one made up after the faff of dealing with the GBS standard tank and MX5 sender unit always leaking. It was baffled and you can clearly see the HAZ from welding. Also the length of the aluminium you can clearly see some ribbing over the unit. And it definitely felt more study than the GBS standard tank. I'd be having GBS fit the new tank FOC but really wouldn't feel comfortable about their workmanship in doing so.....Double check your invoice to see what was stated on that and compare to their "standard" tank.
  17. GBS offer that silencer with or without a cat, so I'd reckon you can repack that once you get a cat put inside it. I suggest if the rules come in, you purchase the one with the cat included and sell me that one for 50p However, as said, wait until it becomes law and the proposal is passed, then worry. Push on and get it through IVA before and you won't need to worry and I miss out on a 50p exhaust
  18. WallerZ


    Glue another magnet on the inside of the panel
  19. The link isn't working for me, but a mobile workshop is definitely something I could get behind....literally...being towed...
  20. No one was worried about me making it back, its kinda assumed that I wont without the AA/Gaz Recovery Service!
  21. So you're bringing it to the Xmas meal tonight then!?!
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