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  1. Anyone had any experience of one? I know they are rebadged l200 Mitsubishi so can't be too bad . There are some great lease deals on them at the moment and i.m very tempted
  2. careful of the vernier pulleys, mine slipped and caused all the inlet valves to strike the pistons.
  3. My insurance went up approx £30 when I boosted the stylus.
  4. Have you looked at the ecoboost engines the 1.0l has got more than 100bhp. The 2.3 Will be my next engine
  5. Just reprogrammed mine for new gauge, it worked 1st time. Have you called the manafacturer I spoke to him at stoneleigh seemed a nice chap
  6. Just sent my form and receipt to eosb@rhocar.org
  7. speedtripledan

    More Power

    I've seen plenty of cheap and supposedly done "right"and they are bags of *bleep*e most of them, but I guess the definition of right is open to interpretation.
  8. speedtripledan

    More Power

    there is so much more to consider, its not just a case of bolt on a turbo and off you go, to do it right to any sort of standard costs money. what ecu you are going to run, mega squirt, omex canems, me221, dyno tech, all are going to cost a fair few quid, the cheaper the ecu the more messing around will be involved to get it working to any decent standard my canems cost around £750 with wiring, plugs and sensors. then a further £400 on the dyno to get it mapped. your cooling will unlikely be able to cope with the extra heat from the extra bhp so another few hundred ££ for a decent rad, how good is your gearbox? a tired standard type 9 will soon give up with all the extra power and torque, is your diff and prop in good condition? are your brakes up to it? will you clutch take it, my uprated pinto clutch cost near £400 within a week of putting mine on the rd i had to upgrade the diff to a quaife atb slip to stop the car going sideways everytime i opened the throttle... Not trying to put you off, but having just completed a supercharger conversion the cost was way more than 1st anticipated the resulting car is very very quick, the project was fun challenging and frustrating all in one so if you have time money and determination go for it just a lot of research 1st
  9. speedtripledan

    More Power

    Better off buying a another car. Engine swaps when done properly arent cheap. The engine is cheap enough it's everything else required.
  10. Had my run out. Took it to work.
  11. right over the top of my in-laws house cutting my village in 2 best of all it not even high speed just a regular low speed spur off the hs2. that's an even bigger pile *bleep*e than all electric cars
  12. personally don't give a stuff ! I will be 69 when it comes into force. my kids all use public transport and don't seem to have any desire to drive either.. what about lorry and aeroplanes? they pollute more than cars.
  13. my stylus is on agreed value as there is no real "market value " for such a one off car as there are no other red 7 supercharged versions in existence. so to me makes a lot of sense and will cause less grief if the car is ever stolen or written off.
  14. Sent a pic via FB messenger
  15. I have one, I just followed the instructions and it worked fine
  16. speedtripledan


    Great weekend, really enjoyed back to basics camping.
  17. speedtripledan


    And it's raining ! Not that it will stop me, see you about 10ish
  18. ive just looked at quaife atb for sierras and i am shocked at the prices £800 ish plus fitting 2nd hand lsd around the £300 to 400 mark. suspension tuning and some sticky tyres might be your best option. Unless like me you just want one regardless then go for it
  19. Looks like a nice zero. Enjoy it. If it's your 1st kit car becarefull they are fantastic handling cars but can bite.
  20. as said on other thread the quaife atb is an excellent diff but will cost you a fair few £££, i only fitted it on mine as i was going sideways on the throttle in 1st 2nd and 3rd. now it just goes in a straight line. what tyres are you using to generate that much wheel spin on 163bhp? (budgets)
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