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    iva test

    Yes, I only sent 6 photos. I wasn't in any of them so they could belong to anyone.
  2. Looks good should be a quick sale.
  3. Have you fitted the longer clutch lever pin?
  4. Not sure of the angle, but I made and fitted the plates my ST170 engine and chassis, then put engine roughly into place to measure the box section. Works very well.
  5. Thank for organising the camping and thank you to all who attended, great to see you all again. Brilliant drive out in convoy.
  6. Tomorrow for me, still on train returning from London!
  7. I'm running twin 45's on a ST170 lump, the gauge has two positions full and empty!
  8. Where's the fun of having a spare tank? To be fair I could do with some extra capacity, always carry an extra 5 litres on our days out.
  9. There's a few available from Demon tweeks made specifically for the Sierra. Expensive but good, alternatively Sierra r us should still have parts that you can refurbish.
  10. Yes I'll be there probably camping at this stage.
  11. I vaguely remember someone buying the build rights many, many years ago. Then there was a new model but very keen to move away from kit car scene to small car manufacturer.
  12. Some great videos on eBay to extract studs. Include using coper pipe! You cannot beat drills, but you need good quality cobalt drill bits and not Aldi specials!
  13. I am so jealous about the Robinhood rear tyre hoop. Keep it on, it will be great for spare tyre, tow hitch and extra protection for crash.
  14. My diff is being refurbished, new bearings and seals. Million pound question do I fit a LSD unit? Sierra diff with push in drive shafts. Which LSD's are better for our kits?
  15. This might work https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/productdetails.asp?RecID=7579
  16. Not a foam filter but would be a lovely addition to any pinto. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Capri-escort-etc-pinto-alloy-k-n-air-filter-top-for-larger-k-n-/283747521490?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  17. My original bespoke exhaust was built by Ashley exhausts in Birmingham. Perfect primaries, 4, 2 and 1 pipe work. With an added bonus they will give you two receipts one for the car and one for the wife
  18. I have similar seats and they passed IVA. As Bob said if the the belt goes through the seat and press on them i.e. the belt pulls the seat down because the anchor point is to low then the strength of the seat is taken in to consideration. If the belts go through the seat slots and pull directly forward with out causing any force in the seat then you will be OK.
  19. Loads of Mac1 kits out there so it is possible. As Richy said start with the IVA manual, any issues or clarification post on here we are a helpful bunch. Approach the IVA prepared but don't worry about failing about 75% of home built cars fail. But look at it as a short list of fixes to get roadworthy. Mine failed on emissions, reverse light not working (did when I left my house) and no rubber covers on starter motor terminals.
  20. Looking good, I have seen similar with a piano hinge through the center. Allowing then to be folded and slid behind passenger seat.
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