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RHOCaR End of Season Bash 

Come and join us for our Annual event  on 22nd to 24th September

Camping, Family Fun,  Evening Entertainment and like-minded Company


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In Topic: Superspec Gearbox/diff Ratios

18 September 2017 - 04:30 PM

Found mine as well.  Needs a lot of cleaning but I can make out 3.62, so Bob was correct.  But it does explain all the speed differences.  Have to do some more cleaning as the only other thing I can see is 687 where you have 224.


Where is the breakdown of the numbers on the super7thheaven site ?


So I assume Andy has better acceleration than me, but I have a higher top speed (never been close to that so it's a bit academic), and I have a more relaxing time at cruising speed ?



In Topic: Superspec Gearbox/diff Ratios

17 September 2017 - 08:08 AM

Sierra diffs will come in 3,14 3,38 3,65 and 3,89 i.m guessing you have 3,65 and the other a 3.89. my car pulls 3k at 70mph on 3.88 diff with a type 9 .82 5th

Found this www.super7thheaven.co.uk/components/mt75-gearbox/
Shows different ratios in the mt 75


Same table is at http://www.fordscorpio.co.uk/mt75.htm  so I guess the ratios are


1st  3.61

2nd 2.08

3rd  1.44

4th   1.00

5th   0.83


My other data point is 2000rpm in 3rd gear gives me 30 mph.  Very useful for avoiding speeding tickets when my speedo cable broke.


Putting all that into the two calculators shows I might have a 3.38 ratio,   Like Andy I need to get underneath to see if I have an ID Tag.


Fascinating stuff.

In Topic: Lincolnshire Meets For September

16 September 2017 - 05:24 PM

Still in two minds about Newark tomorrow (Sunday 17th).    Nipped down to my daughters today based on a rather optimistic weather forecast and on the way back got absolutely drenched 3 times !    So will probably wait till tomorrow morning before deciding.   If anyone is going, note that the start time is now 12:00 (although the gates open a lot earlier for exhibitors).   I see they have also decided to 'group' up the different types of cars and have defined about 10 different groups for people to self-allocate to themselves.  Unfortunately none of them relate to kit cars :)   So apart from Mick, we will just have to wing it.

In Topic: Superspec Runs And Drives

16 September 2017 - 04:57 PM

Hi Arthur


She looks great from the pictures, a huge change from the 'wreck' that I first saw a couple of years ago.  You and Ben have obviously done a good job in building her.   Pity you never went for an IVA, I would like to know how a Superspec would get on these days :)


Best of luck with the sale (not for me I'm afraid, my wife has made it VERY clear I cannot have a second one), and please encourage the new owner to join the club and make good use of the depth of Superspec experience available here.





In Topic: New Prospective Owner Size Question

15 September 2017 - 08:11 AM

Kevin makes a good point about the pedals.  Many of us have to wear the narrowest pair of shoes we have to operate the pedals individually rather than finding we brake and throttle at the same time :)   So if you do go to view a car, make sure you aren't wearing boots.