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What Was Your Very First Car?


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Austin 1100 1963 cost me £115 Took the engine and gearbox out 6 times in the year I owned it, first time with a rope over my shoulders standing on the inner wings to lift it high enough. Now I have trouble lifting my phone up lol. Would NOT have it back thanks. Mind you, the subframes were in good nick.

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Guest salty_monk
1934 or 5 Austin Seven Ruby well 2 in fact one had a broken chassis and the other had a seized engine so a transplant soon fixed that they cost me £5 each (£5 was just under a week’s wages) This was followed by a Nippy (rag top version of the Ruby)

Would I have one today? Not for every day use. Anything that you have to fit cable benders to the brake cables (foot brake not hand brake) has got to be scary on today’s roads. No give me my hood any day.


Chris I expected you to say you had a "special"... they were pretty much the forerunners to the Seven weren't they?


You finished that Hair dresser's car yet?? :D :wub:


Dan :)

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Guest whizbang Bristol

Mine was a 1970 MK1 1100 2 door Escort SLJ370H

Didnt go very fast stopped even worse with its drums all round

But with the bumpers taken off and a set of 165 13 Cortina wheels and tyres it looked the part (or so you think in 1982 when your 16 years old)

But then here I am over 25 years later still chasing oily Ford parts around the garage (can anyone else see a pattern forming here)



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Guest sneintonmatt

my very first road car was a triumph dolomite 1500hl in the wonderful maroon red, front wings were so rot had to replace them within first month, learnt to drive in it and then was first car of my very own, went through 5 clutches in the first year and numerous other little foibles ( every time i went over a bump whilst on full beams all light electrics would go off till the next decent bump) drove it for a few years till the engine went and replaced it with a 1850 engine with lots of little mods my dad had lying around wonderful, eventually the suspension went to the point i turned into a round about and the near side front wheel sailed past me that it had to go, loved that car so much would have it back in a heart beat

other favourite was a 1973 dodge charger that was a present project from family friend, took forever and a small fortune to fix up but trips to teh drag strip made all that worth while 1075bhp with the nos on sadly the mpg being the wrong way round (gallons to the mile) means prob couldnt afford to even start it now shame loved every minute

cant stand anything modern,

wheres classic car mart when i need it

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The first car I owned was a 1982 Fiesta 1100 Popular Plus. The car was eventually sold as I couldn't afford to run it when going back to college.


20 years later after wanting a change in direction from Kit cars what did I find :D :D ..............




It may not be the same car, but it's same year and model. The only difference is now I can afford to do everything I wanted to do to the original car (and a little bit more!). If the new engine B) is fitted, I hope it gets it's first run at the next Barkston meet.

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Guest richardg

My first car was a good old hillman imp, vintage 1970 and i would have it back tomorrow, it ran faultlessly all over,I learnt to drive in it. Shame thay dont make simple cars anymore.

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Guest Kieran

Red (orange) 1988 Skoda Rapid 130, F262 CAK


Had it for 5 years and managed to kill 7 engines, 2 transaxles, 12 head gaskets and about 4 donor Skoda's including a crashed group b Estelle for the engine (great webers, titanium rods, not so good (through town) rally cam (no idle, powerband 4000 - 8500)..... :wub:


Happy days!!


Id love it back, especially how it was, lowered, 15" wheels, bucket seats and black with viper stripes when I sold it. :cray:


Kieran :wacko:

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On 6/16/2008 at 8:46 AM, Andy Spencer said:

Vauxhall Chevette GLS Hatch, white, MFH 849P. Rostyle wheels and a respray along with the 'sporty' red interior kept my interest through college. Sold it for £300 to a local guy who scrapped it soon after. Bought my Gran's 11 year old 1983 Fiesta Mk 1 Pop Plus 1100 A190 FBC with 10k on the clock for £500. Put an XR2 interior in it and did 60k trouble free miles over 4 years and sold to a friend. Was still on the road a couple of years ago, don't know now.


Would only want them back for novelty value, like others I wish I had a large barn and could retire everything I've had for future use.

Just to refresh a VERY VERY old thread….I now have A190FBC back!! Couldn’t resist it when it came up for sale after a long restoration by a local guy… 😄

I have no Robin Hoods anymore but it sits happily next to my TVR V8S in the garage 

hope everyone is well in the RH group 👍

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MORRIS 1000 that I managed to get on two wheels whilst out learning with my Dad who was not impressed 😉

Then Fiat 600D with Abarth exhaust.

Then 105E Ford

Then Fiat STRADA built by ROBOTS

Then 1974 Ford Escort Mexico in Sebring Orange that I went to see built at AVO Plant in South Ockendon. Still on road as I am in contact with the guy that I sold it to, believe it has won various titles and it has been on the TV in the Ford ESCORT TV programme some years ago. Miss it but was not using it at all !!

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adding extra vehicles
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I guess 14 years since this thread was started is enough to get a whole new generation of answers 😄

First car in 1991 was a 10 year old VW Polo - 895cc of ...er... power. Added bigger wheels from a Golf (which rubbed on the bodywork) and that most luxurious of items, headrests from a scrappy...


Given to my brother a few years later who swapped it for a round of drinks - last heard of as the car used in a car mechanics course at a college in Wales.

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A 1960 (ish) Morris Minor for me.   Passed down to me from my father when he upgraded to a Morris Oxford.   It was a bit of a wreck, amongst other things the top hinge of the drivers door had rusted away so when you opened it you had to hold it up off the ground.   And it didn't have a reverse gear, following an incident when I accidently put it in reverse at 40mph (I was aiming for 3rd as I recall).   I lost a couple of girlfriends who didn't appreciate having to push it backwards out of a pub car park.

Happy Days 😀


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  1984 mk3 ford escort 1100 (A163 LWW ) with fancy lights on the speedo If you were driving at normal acceleration they stayed off if you started putting your foot down they would change to amber if you really put your foot down it went to red as i recall i think the car was always ready for me the light was always red , changed clutch once then did a full engine rebuild  (ford trained mechanic) as the timing chain started rubbing on the cover put an hole in it and oil used to drip out onto the exhaust manifold looked like the car was on 40 a day, great times.

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I learned to drive in a sit up and beg Ford 8 (1172cc sidevalve), then upgraded to a Mk1 ford Zephyr 6 cyl a bit over 2 litres with bench seat and 3 speed column gearchange, no synchro into 1st, but you didn't need that gear much, then a Ford Anglia 105E with a larger engine 1340 cc from a Classic.... I'll stop there.

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