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Guest dinger

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Worked in the banking industry for 32 years, nearly all of it in IT, running IT projects then finally worked as an IT Auditor, making sure IT projects were viable, cost effective, properly run, & delivered on time (as far as possible :D ) & on budget ( :D :D ).

Made redundant (with many others) from Abbey National when Santander bought it...well done Tony..

selling off (or creating the right financial environment ) more British assets to Johhny foreigner..

water, gas electricity, steel, banks etc.


Offered my services to any number of Government departments (Treasury, Audit commission, National Audit office) who I thought could use my experience....they do have one or two expensive IT projects go belly up. But no interest in someone 52 years old.


Eventually started work for local Government in the Library picking and delivering books for housebound residents.


What a waste of valuable experience....

But I'm not bitter..... :D IM NOT I TELL YOU!!!!

Maybe just a bit...


PS I did get some bonuses when I worked in the banks. As always, the lions share went to a select few in the right places. We plebs sometimes got up to 8%, all of it taxed & based solely on company profit and personal performance above & beyond.

My take is that the Gov should have insisted on putting their own people on the banks boards of directors when they baled out the banks, with power of veto over whatever got voted on. Never occured to them, so the banks get away with it again.

PPS big bonuses are nothing new, this has been going on since I started in banking in late sixties & it left a bad taste in the mouth even then. The stories I could tell.....

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Left school joined army 'REME' for 11 years medical discharge due to injury. Now classed as a war pensioner age 36. Worked in various garages, had ago at MAC tools franchise for 12 months. Joined the AA as a patrol, various promotions I am now the Quality Manager responsible for the management system.


Great topic, what a varied response a bit like the cars no two are the same.



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Guest Techmage
35 Years in IT for a handfull of conpanies and still a Technician.





Much of it contracting, everyone from Coutt's bank, Sky TV thru to Vodafone and of course that massive

money pit the NHS. Currently on contract to a major miliary death dealing company it Kent. :o

(Very likley the same one that andyparry works for) Well everybodies gota earn a living :rolleyes: :D

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Retired now but below is a little history of what has kept me busy over the last 50 yrs of working to put a crust or two on the table.




8th Jan 1990 to 23rd Feb 2007 Field Service Engineer


Duties Included: Service & Repair of Fork Lifts Trucks and Equipment

Vehicles Full Range of Manufacturers Equipmemt Lease Hire & Customers Own Plant.

Engine Management Fault Diagnosis Maintenance and Repair.


November 1973 to 5th Jan 1990 Workshop Engineer Fork Lifts / H.G.Vs. /

Maintenance Supervisor /Draughts Man..


Duties Included: Service & Repair of H.G.V.Motor Vehicles

Fork Lift Truck Fault Diagnosis and Repairs Electrical Fault Diagnosis & repairs.

Supervision of Maintainace Fitters & Electricians.

Preparation and Drawing of working Drawings for the Manufacture of New Parts.


November 1967 to November 1973 Draughts Man / Assistant Development Engineer /

Workshop Machine Operator


Duties Included: Preparation and Drawing of Working Drawings, for the Manufacture of New Parts & Equipment. Layout Drawing of Mechanical & Electrical Equipment.

Design & Manufacture of Prototypes of New Equipment for the Mining Industry.

Manufacture & Machining of Components to the General Mining Industry.


April 1967 to November 1967 General Machinist / Fitter to the Heavy Plant Industry.


Duties Included: Machining & Manufacturing of Reclaimed Worn Parts to the Construction Industry.


August 1960 to February 1967 General Machinist

Duties Included: Working on all types of Machines in the Process of Manufacturing Structural Components to the Building & Construction Industry.


July 1960 to August 1960 Sheet Metal Fabricator


Duties Included: Assisting Skilled Person in the Manufacture of Heater Cabinets and Ducting.


And in my spare time having a little sleep, tend to do a lot of that now.





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I left school at 16 to do an apprenticeship in mechanical and production engineering. 4 years as an apprentice then 6 months on the shop floor as a semi skilled machinist (Over qualified for that!!!) then made redundant.

I then worked for a local Ford dealer, delivering cars (Great job - poor pay) for 3 months.

For the last 21 years I've been a telephone engineer for BT/Openreach.


Not much variety, but I've still got a wage every month!!!!



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35 years in manufacturing , after getting degree plus 5 yr apprenticeship in mechanical engineering.

mainly pistons and rings and other engine parts for AE as it was then.

Four redundancies meant getting on the bike and moving around the country to find the next post, finished in 2003 when the yanks bought and stripped the aerospace company I was head of (part of Smiths ).


Now on the River Thames lockkeeping, working for the Environment Agency, part of the great nanny state that ticks boxes, pumps you with H&S and diversity, and treats you like you have no head.


Fed up, wasted all my hard learning, and experience, gutted that so much of our inventive and manufacturing talent is on the scrapheap and the big UK selloff goes on relentlessly. could they even sell the River ????


Kids gone , so we are born again teenagers, party every week and just formed an abba tribute band....


Intend to retire at the first opportunity, or do something outrageous..............or both !

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My CV so far


Apprentice Armature Winder/Electrical fitter BEECo Loughborogh

Car Salesman Market Garage Loughborough

Armature winder Chatham dockyard

Prototype electronic wireman Elliot Automation Rochester built 001 & 002 flight data computers for the C5A Galaxy and many new fighters.

Core store building for Plessey at Towcester for Saab Fighters

Building NATO Satcom Tracking stations for Marconi Space Defence Systems in europe and north america

A few years with Ericsson & LM Erricson in Libya for Col G.

Licenced Radio Ham --. ----- ... .-- .-- -.- -.

Slipped into retirement as a maintenance electricial for the largest Duck Producer

retired by my company many moons ago with a dicky ticker

so now just spending money before the grim reaper calls me





Im confused by the callsign , got the G zero but not the rest 73s --. ----- .--- .- -.

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3.5 years at a Stockbrokers in the City

2 Years worked for a credit card company/bank

21 years (half of it self employed) running a service station (Got my ppl and my HAM Licence in that period)

2 years as lift engineer

So far almost 9 years as an insolvency asset valuer

And now the government say I have to work an extra year till Im 66 :( before I get my pension.

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left school went to uni, dropped out after a year, got a job doing fairly basic cad/cam stuff.

stayed there for 13 years, moving up a bit through customer service and technical sales during which time i also did an Open University degree.


Eventually left job to go back to University to do a Masters.

Did that and got offered a new job back at my old place as a market analyst.

stayed there a bit longer and become market and marketing manager.


finally left and joined The University of Nottingham working in business Development.

basically i try to put businesses toegther with academics have have skills/have inventned something that the business can use to make more money,


then... i win them some money from the government (about 90k a pop to fund the work) and actually make the money! on average the firms make 200k per year as a result.


good fun, very varied, get to work with all sorts of academics and businesses. everything from flavour companies to big aerospace right through to 10 man biotech start ups.


feel free to drop me a line if your business ever needs any of the above! :rolleyes: B)



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Guest prikkers

I left school when i was 22 years old and start as a Programmer at the MOD of The Netherlands, after a couple of companies I started my own bussines 10 years ago.

Now I work for big companies in the neterlands as a SAP consultant, and work ( if the wheater is good ) at my wives workshop

as a boot/car canopybuilder and salesman. see www.zeilentent.nl




work, work, work work.

Hope to find time to finish my hood soon...



Pierre Rikkers

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Guest Ian Maycock

Left school at 16 (1981) with no quals. got job in engineering, worked there for 9 years saw there was no future in it so joined a firm of asset valuers (8 years) left them and joined a company doing valuations Plant & machinery of insolvent business's (9 years). now shareholder in own business advising insolvency practitioners on the value and disposal of insolvent businesses. quite busy at the moment.

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Wow quite a skill set the club has, I myself am a draughtsman.

Served my time at a company who designed and manufactured food machinery such as depositors and injectors etc for ready meal sectors.


Moved on to work for a small firm providing mechanical handling solutions to food and pharmaceutical industry, conveyors etc. (hence my love of stainless steel.)


Currently working for an independent company who provide engineering services to anyone who wants it, mainly gas industry, power stations etc. (basically I'm an etch-a-sketch artist :) )


I feel quite young now as I've only been working 12 years! :p

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