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Exmo - Breaking


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This week I'll be stripping down the Exmo for donor parts for my Zero build. Most of the bits, as you can imagine, I'm keeping but I figure some bits may be of interest to others. Prices are ONO, and all plus shipping.


Front swept-style arches (Oxford Blue) £20/pair

Rear two-piece wide arches (Oxford Blue) with stainless protector panels £20/pair

Nosecone + grille (Oxford Blue) £15

Bonnet, stainless, w/louvres, dinted in top - useful for steel/louvres maybe? £10

Rollover bar, original £30

Windscreen, frame and black side supports £40

Front tie bar kit £20

Light set (headlamps, front indicators, rear clusters, reverse, fog) £20

Rear sierra subframe, arms, springs (note nothing else - no hubs, shafts, etc) £10

Stainless steel tub - for scrap, spare steel, etc. *NO VIN, NO V5* £100

ETB mechanical speedo, 80mm, white on black, geared for Type 9, with cable £40

ETB rev counter, 80mm, white on black, coil pack driven, can include homemade converter to run off ECU £40

Oil pressure gauge, with sender, white on black 52mm £15

Water temperature gauge, with sender, white on black 52mm £15

Fuel level gauge, white on black 52mm no sender, unknown calibration but does not work straight with Ford sender £15

Exmo fuel tank - includes brazed compartment for fuel injection (no need for swirl pot) £40

Front dampers £10/pair

Sierra quick rack (2.8 turns) inc arms £50


Items located in Brum obviously :)


edit : Pics slowly being added to :- https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink

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Guest mower man

can I have a bit more detail on the front tie bar kit please, size/material etc is everything needed included ie internal bracing. are there any pics of it installed.

P.M . your postal address and I 'll forward all details plus photos mower man :clapping:

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Tie bar kit was commissioned by Dave Andrews back in the day; the outer brackets fabricated by a prototyping shop where my old man worked and the inner just some pieces of angle. I'm sorting out photos right now and will get them uploaded to Picasa...



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Guest mower man

In the past year or 3/4 I have seent out a no of instruction/guides to this after doing my own car following Dave Andrews guide lines and have had numerous messages of thanks from those involved , if any one is interested p.m/ me mower man

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Thanks for the offer mowerman, but I think I already have the design sheets. Was just after an easy pre-made buy.

Thanks for uploading pics Dan but I think I'll wait to make my own with a bend to avoid the wheels on full lock. I need full lock to get in and out of work carpark so can't use bump stops in the rack.

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Nosecone and rear arches sold & gone.


Thanks for the bits Dan - was good to meet you tonight.


Just to confirm for anybody else that is interested - Exmo nosecone is identical to 2B conecone (pictures of it offered into position on my 2B)








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