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Markbzero Building My Kit Car


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I know most people do not fit a boot for IVA but I thought I would need it for the first show I intended to go to (Stoneleigh). and yes I know I missed it in 2013 and again in 2014 must work faster.


I use a sheet of poly-something lets call it plastic for this thread. Bought it from ebay and the colour looked the same as the yellow fibreglass, it wasn't perfect when it arrived.


I made a cardboard template of the design I wanted, including the boot.

post-4145-0-45397400-1401644274_thumb.jpg post-4145-0-96402600-1401644288_thumb.jpg

When I was happy with the size and shape I transferred it to the plastic, very easy to cut with a jigsaw.


I used some rubber u trim to cover the edges and fitted some Mini boot hinges (guessed they would be OK for IVA) to a stainless steel boot lid and fitted a small lock.

post-4145-0-92800900-1401644439_thumb.jpg post-4145-0-58043300-1401644455_thumb.jpg


Sealed to the body with sealant. a few button head screws, the roll bar rear mounts and the steel strip behind the seats.


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Next task was to fit the exhaust, I did not want a through bonnet, over the side panel fitted exhaust. I wanted a through the side panel version and because nobody makes a xflow exhaust for the Zero I have to give the job to a professional outfit. Ashley's exhausts in Birmingham got the job, reasonable quote and could pick up and drop off the kit car. Highly recommended and would use them again http://www.jaex.co.uk/ .


My other half said 'its only a bunch of metal tubes' what's the difference! They threw out the first manifold because he was not happy with one bend and the primary's were not exactly the same, quality service. In my eyes the welding and forming of the exhaust manifold and exhaust pipes was pure art, should be in a museum absolutely genius.


post-4145-0-32880600-1401740477_thumb.jpg post-4145-0-77473200-1401740492_thumb.jpg post-4145-0-99725200-1401740507_thumb.jpg post-4145-0-52400900-1401740528_thumb.jpg


I can not take any glory when it comes to the exhaust they built it, they fitted it and they gave me two invoices so the wife didn't realise how much it actually costs.

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You ma find the exit hole through your side panel is on the tight side --- not much room for the engine to twist on its mounts. It's easily solved by turning the edges in to form a flange if necessary.

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It might be easy with your skill level but me stainless steel do not get on. I thought the top was a bit tight, but so far no contact I will monitor and add to the list for winter mods. I just want DVLA to return my reg number and tax disc, 3 weeks and not a word.

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In my opinion top seat belt mounts look messy with rubber u trim and nut covers so I followed a solution on the forum (not sure who, but thanks).


I got four nut covers and cut off the dome section and then used some super glue for plastics and joined them to some standard tintop seatbelt top mounts trim.

post-4145-0-16302200-1401828279_thumb.jpg post-4145-0-50752800-1401828298_thumb.jpg post-4145-0-26690800-1401828317_thumb.jpg

Straight forward, two broke before IVA so I had to add some Epoxy resin glue job done and a tidy finish. Even the IVA examiner said it was a professional job.


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One area that I have never liked on the Zero was the quarter circle section by the passengers and drivers elbow. The rivets do not have much to hold onto and the trim on the inner and outer edge doesn't stay in place very well. New models now have additional support tube, not sure if this any better.


However the best finish I could find after searching the internet, looking at cars during kit car shows and this forum was a piece of plastic chrome trim which had two strips of double sided tape which fitted either side of the rivets. Conveniently it was the correct width to fit perfectly between the tadpole trim.



post-4145-0-67435700-1401911730_thumb.jpg post-4145-0-22630900-1401911778_thumb.jpg



post-4145-0-55392000-1401911807_thumb.jpg post-4145-0-42701800-1401911821_thumb.jpg


Hopefully you will agree it is easy, looks good and matches the car.

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The final piece to fit before IVA was the bonnet. I was hoping to get away from cutting a hole in the bonnet, but the carbs and mostly air filter needed more space. I made a simple cardboard template and kept cutting a little at a time until I was satisfied with the fit.

post-4145-0-59358300-1401995609_thumb.jpg post-4145-0-34558100-1401995620_thumb.jpg

I then transferred the template to the bonnet and just to be on the safe side again, I cut the hole slightly smaller.

post-4145-0-00742300-1401995702_thumb.jpg post-4145-0-48875600-1401995720_thumb.jpg

Once I was happy and the filter had sufficient room to move when revving the engine I fitted some chrome trim to prevent the stainless steel from cutting into the air filter.


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