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2 Ton Low Profile Trolley Jack For Less Than £10


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Cheers for this, was in need of a low profile jack to save putting the big 3 ton jack in the back of the truck.


Also ordered the trolley too, as I did have an account with them plus was out on a job I call SWMBO :give_rose: who has. to order. Job done :D

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Thanks for the links. Couldn't find the trolley but now have. Just ordered jack and trolly. I hope the jack is better than the sgs one that I already have. The company changed it as it was faulty from new but the second one started to lose lift shortly after the exchange.

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Morning all - Thought I would share this in case anyone is interested.


Amazon are doing the Hilka 82825011 2 Ton Low Profile Jack (which normally sells for around £60'ish from a quick search) - for £9.38


http://www.amazon.co...ow Profile Jack


Dispatch time of 3-4 weeks though, but I've ordered one anyway. Worth a go at less than a tenner even if it turns out to be rubbish



Tony :)


think someone made a boo boo back up to £48.95 now, teach me to spend Saturday in the workshop with no internet.

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