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Credit And Debit Card Surcharges To Be Banned


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Have just read this on the news web --- think its another way of hiding charges/costs. No mention of the banks being prevented from charging business account users a transaction fee for the retailer to accept plastic. which from past dealings when we had our shop will be higher for the small guy ( 2 to 5 % of total inc Vat ) & a fraction of 1% for the multi-nationals.


The bank fees will have to be rolled in to the price charged by the retailer somewhere along the line so the cost will be hidden.


For the clubs use of paypal --- are we paying a fee on top of the subscription for their service --- i.e -- electronic transfer of money regardless of plastic used ( can't pay Paypal by cash or cheque can we?? )



Keith posted above while I was slowly typing ------------------

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Guest alfaGTA

As suggested above, "surcharges" will be incorporated into the total price by all parties - it is after all a business expense.


However, Handling fees have not yet been banned to my knowledge?

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As mentioned already, the price will just be included in a different way, possibly by a small price increase on goods. This then affects anyone paying by cash and cheque as well.


On BBC news this morning, one commentator said that it the business gets hit whichever way you pay, but it may actually be cheaper to only accept cards than the extra cost of banking cash. She mentioned a few businesses in London already only accepting card payments and no cash to save on the extra hassle.

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