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Wales Weekend Fri 10Th To Sun 12Th August 2018


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Just checking this is the complete roll call for the Friday, anyone missing let me know.


1 copper kettle on A5 CV9 1RE dep 9:15 29 miles to next stop.

2 Now BP on A5 ST19 5PR, Dep 10:00 43 miles to next stop

3 Montford bridge on A5 SY4 1EB. Dep 11:00 39 miles to next stop.

4 Glassblobbery LL21 1EB, for fuel and food. 56 miles to Nefyn. Dep when we're ready.


At copper kettle









At Montford






At Glasblobbery aim to arrive at 12:00.





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I'm here now, weather is cracking. Had a steady drive up and reccied half of the Saturday drive with no problems. Will do another quarter tonight and the rest tomorrow morning.


I'm hoping we'll be able to get down to the beach Saturday night so bring your folding chairs or blankets and I'll bring the fire wood.

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OK a couple of final things, Kerry spotted that the postcode I gave for the Glassblobbery (LL21 0HA) might be wrong. However Google Maps on both my computer and phone give the correct location with this postcode. In any case, most of you know where it is. Drive past Rhug Farm Shop, turn left at the next set of lights on to the A494 and it's about a mile on the right.


Tomorrow night people are free to do what they want for evening meal. There's a few places locally around Nefyn but a few of us spoke about eating at the cafe at Nant Gwrtheyn which is a 10 minute drive from Nefyn. I've been down there this afternoon and they're open tomorrow until 9PM but you need to order food before 8PM. No need to book, just turn up if ypou want to join us. This is the cafe:




and this is where I ate my scone this afternoon




We will probably aim to get there sometime after 7, eat and then head to Cliffs Inn for a drink.

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In the space of 6 hours, daughter and I have made a trip to Jacksons of Old Arley and with the aid of her sewing, cobbled together a rudimentary surrey top just in case. I'm dead chuffed with her efforts! Hopefully we won't need it though :)


See you tomoz...

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Great weekend, even in the rain I enjoyed the event and will be going next year. Excellent roads and amazing views - Top gear has nothing on the Welsh trip. A big thank you 🙏 to Jackie and Richy for arranging and everyone else who made Craig and I welcome.

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Wow! Jacki & Richy what heroes, yet another great weekend despite the weather.many many thanks for your hard work and patience

through all the challenges thrown at you, thanks also to everyone who attended and made it a very enjoyable weekend for everyone.

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Ditto to what all are saying. Rich and Jacki are the perfect core for a successful event.

Hope all got home ok. Including Zach and Dan.

Pretty hard to believe that I did all those miles without a working radiator fan. I let it tick over for a few minutes when I got home and the temperature was off the scale.


Miss you all guys and gals


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