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Website feedback thread


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19 hours ago, theduck said:

Have moved it to plymouth for you.  I am speaking with the developer of the map plugin to try and get this resolved.


14 hours ago, Longboarder said:


I found just finding your address on the map by zooming and right click, you can drop a pin for your location too. Had the same issue of not being able to even put my address/postcode in to search etc.

Is the members map locked to just members or can any public account view it?

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On 11/21/2018 at 8:36 AM, theduck said:

@WallerZ locked to full members only


@brumster same as the members map, the old plugin no longer exists, currently reviewing options for a replacement.

I think it would be good to open to non members. I wouldn't have a problem with being helped by or helping someone in my area. Maybe they would even join after that

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Have set it up as members only for now for a couple of reasons, it previously had a lot of inactive community users on it, which made it a bit useless and we no longer send out list of local members when you join, due to GDPR regulations, so this works as a nice opt in alternative.  

We are also restricting the level of access community users have, they are restricted to 5 posts a day now and am looking at other restrictions that were agreed at the 2017 AGM but couldnt be carried out on the old software.  

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Added myself to the map - thanks for the info. as to how to do it.

Like the new layout … now that I have had a play!

No doubt some things will take getting used to, some things will annoy - but on the whole GOOD JOB, WELL DONE.

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Works well on my tablet, already forgotten what the old site was like. Still struggling on my phone due to lack of time and opportunity to try but good work, looks good and works OK. Not really seen a negative comment so well done

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I presume you might be trying things out, but just for reference, the logo in the top left corner of the website/forum is unintelligible with the text on it like it is. It scales down so much I can't make out anything on it. You might be better off just having the picture logo only rather than trying to cram all the text in there (or else increase the top left container size but then that'll up the whole search/title bar height which I wouldn't say was ideal)...

Not complaining, just feeding back ;)

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