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    To be one of the first to post on the new forum
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    RING THE BELLS!!!!!! Christmas has come early for me.... Personal Circumstances have changed dramatically overnight, which means I don't have to now, part with the car. Dave.
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    Can I hide a few presents in the garage? said Swmbo.
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    The front side window comes very close to the awning rail, so the support bracket needed to be positioned above the window top rail, some distance away from the curve in the awning rail. This may not be the ideal position for the awning and we may have to move it forwards and down, on to the more vertical part of the rail. The next thing is the end legs are too widely spaced relative to the side profile of the caravan and need to be more vertical in the bottom half. Luckily the end legs were just the right size for a piece of 22mm copper pipe to slide inside so we used a pipe bender to make a couple of joining pieces around 200mm long that were drilled and rivetted in to the legs. This make the basic frame look like this, a lot closer to what we wanted.
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    Hi Everyone, Moog6 is progressing to the finishing line!!! Working on this car every spare moment I have, enjoy. Dave,
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    I’m all up to date on membership packs they will go out in the post on Monday so expect them around Friday any problems just message me thanks
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    Hoodie arrived, looks good and feels thicker than previous versions. So far very good I will let you how if it shrinks in the wash!
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    The main roof panels were taken down and we used them as templates to mark out the new ones. The material we used was 3mm sign board which is a light, solid material that comes with a clear protective film on one side (the side that sign makers normally laser print on) and it can be cut with a sharp knife and also drilled. Being plastic, it’s impervious to water so if it does get condensation on the back, it won’t fall to bits like hardboard would. As well as the horizontal panels, we also replaced the vertical ones with the roof window openings. We had to remove this panel one side to re-seal the leaky window and when we did, we had to remove that plastic angle moldind we’d used on the corners. Unfortunately, the double-sided tape we used was a bit aggressive and it pulled the decorative trim of the caravan trim panels to the parts were scrap anyway. The new ones were easy to cut out as we had a template and the clear window panels on them were unscrewed and swapped over.The new panels were a simple swap and in place of the 15x15x1 plastic angle on the external corners, we used 15x3x1 with the log leg horizontal and the short leg vertical. The mean that the trim would easily conform to the curved part of the ceiling without needed to be heated up and formed. Once again the corner moldings were held in place with double sided tape – but a slightly weaker version. This is the finished ceiling, nice and bright and lighter and more durable than the hardboard.
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    Here's my own designed Car Sticker, just for my car. I think it looks quite cool!!!
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    Yep dark theme it is then. Thanx to all who keep this club going
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    There will be other day trips and if people want one, I'll do something with an overnight stay on a Saturday.
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    A nice shiny new toolbox as missus fed up of tools in every drawer in the house.
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    Next major job is to make some more outside space but adding an awning. While we were at the EOSB we were talking to Graham and Annette Jackson (Graham385) who have been following the build thread. They have very kindly given us the awning off their previous caravan and we are hoping to modify it and use parts of it to make our awning. It’s come complete with the lightweight fibreglass frame and should provide more that enough parts for what we need. We’re going to have to do quite a lot of sewing so we’ve decided to upgrade to a heavier dity sewing machine and so we recently bought this beauty. It’s basic on the controls but it’ll sew through pretty much anything and as it’s build in to a nice sturdy table, it won’t be moving around as we’re dragging heavy material through it.
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    It is with great regret that I have to leave my brothers and sisters in the leics and surrounding areas. I have had a fantastic time and met some truly weird, wonderful, educated, amazing, talented and friendliest folk one could ever wish to meet. Thank you all for turning up to the Leicester kitmas meal tonight and thanks for the gifts. I have watched our local club grow from strength to strength over the years which is in contrast to the national declining trend in the kit world, and I hope it continues to do so. We have a strong and capable new rep called Kerry (Yaaaaay) at the helm and he will "rock da club" for future events. I will still turn up for runs and events as I'm only moving to staffs. If anyone is thinking of buying or building a kit in the leics area, then join the club. These guys will be round to help or offer advice at the drop of a hat. Cheers all
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    Quick mock up of dash, gauges look OK but you can tell they aren't Smiths!! Maybe if funds are available later I may upgrade them (£800 for a set was a little steep at the moment). Going to get the surround Hydro dipped in a gold/black carbon fibre effect
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    I’m prepared for some flack but after the Wales trip I still need to sort out tracking, front tyres and camber. I have the tools but time is in short supply on a positive note it’s still insured and tax so I can use over Christmas!
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    yes had a great evening i think all of the leicestershire massive will miss you maybe when the AZBO is lifted you can return to leicester
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    Dont forget folks... We need to be at the table for 6pm.... We have been really busy the last month putting all our belongings into storage and so will probably not have the time to do any quizzes or games But if anyone wants to put something together, please feel free. There should be 34 of us so it will be cozy in that pub,,, Cant wait and see you all there. Details below The Leicestershire Kitmas meal will be held at The Manor House Quorn. Click on the link below for details https://www.themanorhouseatquorn.co.uk/ It will be held on Saturday 8th December 2018 at 6pm.
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    Works well on my tablet, already forgotten what the old site was like. Still struggling on my phone due to lack of time and opportunity to try but good work, looks good and works OK. Not really seen a negative comment so well done
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    After to many years the car is nearly finished. I have booked it in to GBSC to get it through the IVA. I know its a bit of a cop out at this stage, but work seems to get in the way so much and I don't want the build to stall yet again. I hope they don't find too much wrong as I feel I have done a decent job. My main problem will be that I haven't followed the IVA spec to closely, just built it as I think it should be. Fingers crossed. Jeremy
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    Like it!! Very Modern! WELL DONE ALL Dave.
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    I really really miss the "view new content" button. It was my most used button. I was great for looking at new posts but also recent ones in date order that you had viewed.
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    The long awaited forum upgrade is complete. I have started a thread for feedback and suggestions, so that we can keep them all in one place, here: We will continue to provide updates to you all on this post. There is still work on going but rather than delay things further we wanted to get the site back to you. Below you will find useful information about the new site and we will add to this over time. User / Display Name One of the things that has changed in the new version is that user names and display names are now one and the same thing. Previously you might have logged in using one name but another name would displayed on the forum. We made the decision to stick with user names during the upgrade, as going with display names would have meant you wouldn't have been able to use your old login details! If you would like for your username to be changed, please pm me and I will make the necessary changes. Mobile View The way the sites mobile view works has changed, however you can still switch between the full site and mobile view quite easily, links to instructions on how to do this are below: iPhone / iPad - https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-force-your-iphone-or-ipad-to-load-the-desktop-version-of-a-website/ Android - https://www.cnet.com/how-to/how-to-request-desktop-version-of-a-web-site-in-chrome-for-android/ Membership changes We are now able to offer all members a full 12 months membership from the day they join! Ideally all members will purchase their membership using the Join RHOCaR option (under store) at the top of the forum when their renewals become due, but we will still be able to process manual memberships where required. As part of these changes we will be making use of the forum software for full management of the membership database. This will mean that members will need to enter their address on their profile in order for us to send out magazines etc. Please rest assured that only the committee will have access to that information. Gift Memberships We also now have the option for people to buy gift cards that are redeemable against membership. Available under Store, Membership Gift Cards Merchandise Store I am pleased to also be able to announce the launch of our new merchandise store, which offers a range of goods including t-shirts, hoodies, caps etc. all of which can printed or embroidered! To access the store just hover over the store button at the top of the page, then select Merchandise and it will open in a new window. (N.B Embroidered isn't available just yet, but will be very soon.) Community User Access An outstanding action point from the 2017 AGM was to address community user access, I am pleased to say the upgrade allows us to do that, and community users are now only able to post 5 times per day. We will keep the restrictions on community users under review and adjust accordingly. New Member Map Only accessible to full members the new member map is to be found by clicking Portal and then Member Map. Unfortunately the plug-in used for this before is no longer compatible with the latest forum software, so we have moved to a new alternative, this means the map is almost completely empty, so get adding yourselves! UPDATE: The address search is now fixed Themes The new forum software also includes a choice of Themes, so you can change the look of the forum to suit your preference. There is currently a choice of 3, the default theme which is a bright and light look to it, and two different darker themes. To select these, scroll to the bottom of any page and click on Theme Support Another new feature, if you require technical or general support with the Forum, Membership or any other RHOCaR related topic, you can now use the Support tab at the top of the page to raise a support request. Really it is just a fancy way of getting in touch with us, but it does make sure your message gets to the right person first time.