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    Just to say, I now have a street legal Burton. The IVA test is done and buried along with the problems that led up to it. I can now give a definitive view of the Yeading Test Centre and their examiners, and would confirm that they have been supportive, friendly, approachable and that, providing the manual is used to ensure all point are covered, are very happy to pass the Burton and I am sure other kit cars. Very happy to comment if any one wants to know in more detail as to the Examiners approach. Thanks to everyone here's support and comments. Full story in the blog at www.cageyenne.co.uk/wp Keith
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    To Dean ( Membership Secretary) and Danielle (Events Secretary) who got married today. Wishing them all the best for a happy life together. Richy and Jackie.
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    She started up tonight, what a feeling
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    EOSB 2020 will take place on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th September at the Market Harborough Showground, Gallow Field Road, Market Harborough. Leics LE16 7QB and the planning is already underway. Early bookings will make the Event team’s life easier, as the sooner we get an idea of the numbers planning to attend, the more things can be organised. Camping will be available on both the Friday afternoon / evening and Saturday night and there will be entertainment planned for the evenings. Already booked in is the Tipsy Mare Mobile Bar and Saturday night will see the welcomed return of the fantastic live band Checkered Kicks The event will be open to both members and non-members. People who attended this year will already know what to expect but for those that haven't been before, there will be plenty to keep both yourselves and any children occupied. Here are some pictures from the 2019 Event. Click the Follow button near the top right of the page to get automatic notification of the latest updates as we add them. Tickets are on sale in the store HERE To give a bit of incentive for people to book early, you will be entered into a prize draw as follows: Adult weekend or day bookings made in 2019 get 5 ticket entries into the draw, January and February 2020 bookings get 4 entries, March and April 2020 bookings get 3 entries, May 2020 bookings get 2 entries, June 2020 bookings get 1 entry. Bookings after 30th June won’t go into the prize draw so the earlier you book, the better your chance of winning. The prize will be a Halfords voucher for £30 for the winner and £10 for the runner up.
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    Photos from the weekend https://photos.app.goo.gl/jS4rdXC1SguZ5XWf9
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    Started off this year and battery seemed a bit weak, started car okay but not spinning as fast as i remember. Anyhow was okay for stoneleigh but decided to have look, found most cells were low so topped up and charged and it perked up a bit.. Did curborough lots of stop starts and santa pod, but on getting home from club meet Wednesday it wouldnt start and barely turned over, luckily parked in front of garage so pushed in. I did by a cheap battery tester, one that does the CCA and amp hour, which showed the old battery was low. I didnt have a good battery to try so didnt completely trust the tester. I was bit reluctant to bin the old battery it came with the donor car in 2004 dated 2003 so has done a good 16 years.The battery is a Ford square post 085, which seem to be getting rare. One company I found selling them is Tayna batteries, they sell direct and on ebay. On ebay they sell a powerline version guaranteed for 4years at £44, and it had a discount code worth £8.80 so a bargain £35 and free next day delivery. Fitted it today works great and the battery tester showed 359CCA and its a 360CCA battery, so tester looks good as well. Cant vouch for longevity yet but price and delivery will be hard to beat if your looking for an old school Ford battery.
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    Statistically your very unlikely to break you car on a rolling road but just in case you do, can you make sure you video it?
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    Great day at Curborough even though i didn't have my car ready. Link to some pictures of the day. Its all raw and unedited! https://drive.google.com/open?id=1J9Bamuyr1NSpQvrshkTKf1SWOb4hGvVi Definitely got my mojo back to get mine finished now!
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    Very happy, car passed second time round. Had a right faff on getting speedo to register correctly, it was the gap between sensor and bolt. luckily the examiner had allocated plenty of time for this part as we knew it would be difficult and he has the gear to safely test. Result! Very happy
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    Clare came around the corner and tripped on the raised flags a couple of times, so I put the blocks there for my safety (because it was obviously my fault). Another project I've been working on is a nixie tube clock kit from PV electronics. Finished the PCB assembly last night and everything seems to work, just have to built it into its case now.
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    Its 7pm (ish) on a Wednesday, so it's new video time! In this weeks video we finish making the 100e a roller again! We make a custom panhard bar, make brackets for the front suspension components, and finalise the steering setup. For such a mix match of components it has all gone together surprisingly well and even the ride heights are close enough to make it work so this is the first big milestone ticked off. Next week we'll be ticking off another milestone, getting the engine and gearbox properly mounted in the car.
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    Sold to the man with the cold garage.
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    Not a Winter mod as such and certainly not on the same scale as my normal projects. Knowing I get bored easily, @DeanRudkin asked me to trim these front arches for him so I've spent a couple of wet weekends on them, The vents in the back of the arches are molded closed and were trimmed out with a oscillating saw and a Dremmel. The cut edge of the fibreglass was then thinned out to look a bit more even. Finally the arch was given a good flat over to remove the mold join lines and small skim of filler here and there. Here's the final job, they just need priming, a wet flat and the top coats and they're done.
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    Well it took a bit longer tan expected to get round to loading then longer video but here it is:
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    Finish 2017's winter mods
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    Well I finally passed the IVA and my documents have been sent to the DVLA! To summarise what I did in case anyone is interested... - I did away with the servo and just ran the standard Sierra master cylinder and brake pads. I beefed up heat shield to be safe. - After some inspection the valve stem seals had fallen to pieces and I replaced them with the head in place using the popular rope technique. - I replaced the handbrake cable and put another adjuster on so I could balance both sides. - I just aligned the headlights on the garage door using masking tape As for getting the car there and back I employed the service of a local transport company called RS Motor Co. Now just to wait patiently for my log book!
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    Hi Took car to a show at Mount Edgecombe Country Park in Torpoint Cornwall and I was very surprised when a judge walked upto me and gave me a winners certificate, I didn't realize it was that sort of show as car wasn't polished or anything!!
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    Anyone got the CKC magazine? On page 14, they have an article on Stoneleigh, with a photo of our stand front and centre AND (obviously more importantly), my car right slap bang in the middle! This is about as famous as I get...
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    Onward up the banks of the Loire we travelled on the following day --- time for lunch said Stephen ( Its always time for another feast he says ) Parked up along side the river & went looking for a bistro/cafe/restaurant --- he spied one across the busy cross-road. Lunch ??? NON we closed 5 minutes ago. We spread out searching N-E-S-W of the junction & I spotted another eating establishment -- only 100 M away. We all piled in to this new venue -- they were happy to see 6 hungry English. The menu was as to be expected this far south -- just in french & no english version available. Never mind we are on a motoring adventure so meals are part of that. We all ordered & most decided on the " Cheese Salad" --- seemed a safe bet --- just something to tide us over until dinner ( & more wine ) Our meals arrived --- we all looked in amazement at the plates --- heaped high with RED CABBAGE & a few hidden pieces of cheese -- no other veg, just RED CABBAGE Although to be fair Mo said she found little (TINY) bits of ham. So that was it came to France & found probably the only place that served just RED CABBAGE for lunch. No pictures of this meal, we were too shocked -- but we were hungry enough to eat most of the plate. This is NOT the location of the Cabbage cafe.It was behind us as we left the area,full of cabbage.Our next hotel was somewhere near here, cabbage dulls the brain. The following day after many drinks & meals which did not contain any cabbage, we visited two chateau, bought wine at one & more wine at the other.Very impressive buildings, this is a dry moat 18 M deep. Such skilled craftmanshipPrecision gardening !! I've run out of space again. More tomorrow, can you wait ??
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    To all attending, the club will be doing a BBQ for lunch. Burgers and hot dogs will be available for a small donation. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.
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    Apologies for the lack of updates, i run a busy engine conversion garage and work in the last 6 months has been so hectic that the Hood had to take a back seat, i'm also building a new garage at home to bring it back home with me so that progress can be made at weekends etc as i'm finding there is just no time to work on it during my working week or in between customers cars. Since the last update the V6 engine has been fully rebuilt and i will be picking the project back up soon.
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    Hi Everyone, Hope you are all driving your kits? I have been . Been fantastic driving Moog6 around, getting lots of great comments, car headlight flashing as I go past, thumbs ups etc. Been working on the interior the last few days and Moog6 is really looking great now. The Jim Clark Museum is reopening in July, so will organise the first Scottish meet up real soon. Best, Dave.
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    I have asked Area Secs to either add Area meets or other events of interest to the calendar or let me know and I will do it. This is a useful function and I think we should be making more use of it.
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    my new jobs HQ is 11 mins away so will have to make sure i am in the office for the next meet!
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    Keep it taxed, insured & road ready for the bright,dry winter's days ahead when the roads are a lot quieter.
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    This would be the right kit for a 2b https://www.rallydesign.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=14504
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    It was a shunt at 2 mph so all that was hurt was my pride!!
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    Ah, ok, I'll wait until Boris sorts this out for us after the 31st October.
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    It can move, there's a pinch bolt at the bottom end of the top part of the column (underneath the aluminium bracket on the right hand side of this image). Check it's tight.
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    Well, this wasn't the job I intended to be working on today, but progress is progress.
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    70 pages!!! You'd definitely have finished it by now if you weren't writing a novel!
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    If you start now Jez, you can tell Steve how to finish his.
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    I meant quicker to complete, not necessarily quicker to drive I think you are right on the price for the Exmo; I couldn't give mine away, ended up scrapping it, so with no engine he is dreaming at £1900. Assuming £1k (let's be honest here - it's on a Q, it's got CSMA stickers/safety gear all over it so it's clearly been raced, and it's been butchered/chopped about). At least it's a blank canvas in terms of the engine so you can put something you like in it - something modern - and it would be pretty easy to do being a monocoque. But Exmo's handle like a bag of nails in standard form... but this has had that front end conversion which will surely improve things if it's been done right. Question - if it's a competition car, why is he selling it but kept the engine? Unhappy with the handling? Then again, if you're not after something that's ultimately capable and you're happy for it to have it's faults, then what do you care - you'll still have fun in it. The 2B looks like it'll need equally as much rework (bit tatty in places, and like you say 1800 pinto, urgh). On the basis you'll be doing work either way, you might as well take the Exmo (at an appropriate price mind you) and make it how you want it, and not have to faff about with IVA and so forth? Assuming the Exmo suits you in terms of style, colour, etc. and obviously general condition, build quality, etc. goes without saying, standard things for buying ANY car, let alone a kit...
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    I ain’t scared!! getting there!!
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    200 psi steam driven engine, yes. Crossing the Channel, no; Brittany Ferries & their big diesels take us over. We shall be on the Loire at Orleans for their bi-annual festival of the river, all ferries & hotels paid for we just need fuel for the tow car.
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    And you did mate. 10 sevens tonight. Come on you staffs
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    Little cherry on the cake; treated the car to some new seats - the ubiquitous Odyssey seats from Intatrim.... Ordered at Stoneleigh, ready 6 weeks later, look nice - just set the car off a bit better than the previous onces I had from the Exmo that were blue (to match the Exmo)....
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    Once we knew where the canopy needed to be attached to the main roof, we could mark off the roof for trimming. The ensure we had a strong, waterproof join, the roof material was folded back on itself and we added some diamond shaped material reinforcements where the pins on the frame go through. The holes had eyelets rivetted into them as well so there wouldn’t be any chance of the awning tearing. The canopy could then be sewn to roof. The roof went on top with the canopy underneath to reduce the chance of water running off the roof and in to the joint. The awning was refitted to the caravan and we marked out on the corners where the side surround and the end surround panels needed to be cut, folded over and sewn together. We started by pulling the side panel tight around the frame and marking where the corner poles came to before repeating with the end panels. We wanted the join to run down the pole and we were also aiming to get it as neat as possible. We can adjust the position of the cornet poles and the size of the frame to pull things tight but although we had made the end panels flat, when there are fitted, they actually curve around up on to the roof, so the marking out proved to much more difficult than we had expected. This is the front corner and you can see where the material in the bottom half has been trimmed back ready to sew together. At the top, we still need to mark out the angled cut where the end panel will join up to the canopy. At ground level the grey PVC skirt is visible that tucks inside the awning and goes under the groundsheet. We wanted the top of the skirt to be the same level all around and we had to shorten the side panel to raise the skirt. This was additional work but at least we were removing material rather than having to add it on. Here the front top corner has been joined to the canopy and we have cut away the excess material from the back of the awing ready to fit the rear side panel. Here’s the final panel fitted. There are no guy ropes pulling the material tight and the bottom isn’t pegged down but that’s pretty much it. Just visible inside is the groundsheet. We made this out of offcuts of the waterproof roof material and as well as covering the floor, it extends vertically up to close off the area underneath the side of the caravan. It has the same edging on it as the main awning and slides into a plastic awning rail that is rivetted to the bottom of the caravan side panel.
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    Next, we needed to make the fabric surround panels that would be fixed to the main awning and have zips on them for the removable panels. These panels needed to have round corners on them, and this meant a lot of marking out on the fabric so we would know where to cut it, where to fold it over and where the zip needed to be attached. This is the sort of marking out we had to do, achieved using the curved radius templates that I’m made previously from spare signboard. Here’s the top of the panel marked out with the two top corners. On the front end panel, we made the surround panel in 3 pieces to save wasting a lot of material, the top as in the previous images and two narrow side pieces. The top piece is wider on the top right hand side. This is so we had spare material to join on to the canopy and this would be cut off at an angle to the main frame as it extended down. At this stage, we zipped both halves of the zip together before we sewed it to the surround panel so any stretch in the zip around the corners would be accounted for. The meant we were sewing on to a large panel and we had to think carefully about how we would feed the part through the machine. In this case we started sewing at the bottom left hand corner, so most of the material was outside the throat of the machine. A similar method was used on the surround panel for the side. In this case we already had the part that went across the top – it was the small vertical flap at the back of the canopy, so we just had to make the side pieces. The panel was clamped roughly in position so we could take some measurements for the sides and also trim away some of the excess roof material. In the picture below, you can see that in the vertical portion at the front of the caravan, we have left a strip if the material close to the awning rail so we have something to sew the surround on to.
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    Hi all, My photos from the day are here : - http://s1370.photobucket.com/user/hammondsofknutsford/library/Curborough Track Day Regards Tim
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    Cracking day, cheers all for organising it! I need to add suncream to the tool box! There were a couple spins and @Matt brown offering an off-road experience but everyone made it off the track ok! This event was 1 car at a time so the only danger is your right foot. Plenty of space to get it wrong and come out the other side ok as you find the limits of your grip/talent.....like I did haha
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    Where was I ? At the chateau, yes; very beautiful ornate buildings. Shows what can be done if you own a large lump of France & grow tons of grapes. Would not like to be a craftsman there though, as soon as done one side of building the other side needs repair; due to the local soft white sandstone. The slates on the turrets are tiny (viewed from the ground) from a short distance they appear to be a bitumen covering, so close are the fit & over-laps.BIG HEAD!!!Hard top e-type not in good condition.Every stately home runs a classic car day.Older & better transport. We left the huge stately piles & purchased some more wine, fortunately Adrian's boot could hold a few dozen bottles. Another day, another drink or two before dinner.1923 Bentley at our hotel with a dozen modern ones.Lots of Bentleys to left & right of Florin. This hotel was just a few short miles from the port of Ouistreham for our journey home, a seven hundred mile round trip with not a single hick-up from Florin. Great time as usual, I like driving in France & Spain; the roads are so quiet compared to England; & the trip was shared with friends who guided us from point to point. Except when I over filled Florin with oil --- they were too polite to say but they were grateful when we travelled at the back of our small convoy. The Words, pictures & music may not be in exactly the right order, but the essence of our latest European Trip is there, many thanks guys & gals it was a pleasure for Mo & I.
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    A big thanks to all that chipped in over the weekend, I am pretty sure everyone contributed in making the weekend a success and good to see the club gelling together. I hope you all will Support Danielle and Jasmin as the new event secs and assist them in continuing to make this the friendliest club ever. As above everybody contributed something which make things easier but a few names below get a big thanks from me Dean and Matt for assisting in lugging all the gear Claire cartwright for keeping an eye on the kids Andrew Osbourne for entertaining the children and also loaning us his gas regulator. (PS did you get your water container back?) My wife (Becky) for putting up with me thanks Keith
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    Sorry for not updating this thread for a while (for those of you who do enjoy it). I got a bit of time at the car over easter and I have made a fair bit of progress...... I also dropped an order for a full custom wiring loom for both the engine and car, a MaxxECU standalone ECU, a Koso DB-03R digital speedo/instrument cluster and some DRL daymaker headlights. I plan to finish off the dashboard and transmission tunnel this week, and have the rest of the car pretty much ready to go once the wiring and ECU arrives. P.S. I don't like waiting for things as you all can probably tell lol
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    I will be expecting everyone from my area who's in their kit at Stoneleigh to have an information sheet on it. If you need one doing, I will bring the laptop with me Wednesday.
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