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  1. You have an accident with the bbq and we will come and see You! Only four of us to keep the pump on the run at the moment. If anybody wants to be a retained firefighter here in Cambridgeshire at the moment please put up your hand. More specifically here in chatteris, then some of us could take a day off and go out.
  2. Never done mine. Better put it on the jobs list
  3. Got to drop out. The closest event ever to me and I can't make it. Working dammit.
  4. No the alternator, I'm not that well off.
  5. My wife's honda crv developed a whistling noise and the ignition warning light would occasionally flicker. I took it in to the garage and they tested it and said there was nothing wrong with it. I thought there was a bad smell to it as well but again they said they couldn't find anything. A week later the charge light came on and stayed on. Changed it and smell and noise went and light went out.
  6. Gbs or kit spares. Not cheap though.
  7. Potholes are bad here too. Our pump got turned out to a car fire the other week. The front nearside wheel hit a massive hole causing suspension and wheel damage and by the time the driver managed to stop the car was well alight either through something flailing around or wiring damage. Thirty five grands worth of BMW diesel written off. The hole was filled in the next day.
  8. I can't tell you anything about a 2b but welcome, you are fairly local to me perhaps we can organise a trip out sometime. There are a few people in the area with cars, the more the merrier.
  9. Vinyl stick on numbers are definitely not legal. You'd be better off running with no plate on the front and one in the boot so you could claim it got caught on a speed bump. I think it depends on where you are whether you get pulled for number plate offences. Around here they rely on anpr a lot with traffic cars at junctions and dual carriageways and I think this is their main interest in standard number plates. Personally I couldn't be bothered with it, I put a proper one on and job done.
  10. I envy your horsepower but not those worries. Mine went in a couple of weeks ago with no attention at all paid to what came out of the exhaust, only that it was all connected and sealed properly. We even had to wait around in the office for a bit so that it didn't appear that the mot had taken so little time when it was printed off. I stood and watched but as the tester said there's not much to see once you've done the obvious.
  11. The linkage won't be hard, you just need to work out what you need once you have the manifold and carb on. The company I always use sell on ebay and would have everything you would need. Stuff ordered is always here within a couple of days and if you are unsure what you need they reply to questions rapidly. Have a look at a few weber items and you will find them, fast road cars.
  12. Been away but mine was here when I got home. Thanks dave
  13. Bet it was. My uprated helix clutch and lightened flywheel was 600 quid! My wife's eyebrows are still raised a year later.
  14. If the water pump is only 25 quid I would be changing it every time I changed the belt and any other pieces associated with it. Better 25 quid poorer than having a busted engine.
  15. Last active on the 15th bob, maybe he's gone to Spain too.
  16. Check all the pulleys are secure and not missing their keys. Be nice if it was something simple like that. Engine noises can be deceiving so here's hoping
  17. Changed my plans in the end and went for two pieces of aluminium angle bonded to each end of the screen, one on the bottom rail and one on the side piece with a small bolt to hold them together. That worked OK. As for the fixing to the side supports I ground down the heads of some bolts so they were almost paper thin and put them in before the glass making sure they were not protruding in to the glass. Nuts on the outside and some plastic covers on top. Job done, neater and got to be more secure than ground off self tappers that were there before. Did 160 miles before a stone chipped the screen, waiting for a repair man on Thursday now!
  18. I was thinking of mot testing stu. My mot tester has never asked to look at my v5 so presumably he would treat any q plate the same. Unless of course it comes up on the screen when he enters details to fill in the paperwork. I don't know, doubtless somebody does. I could ask him, mines due in a week or so.
  19. If you go for a q plate you will have less trouble with meeting emissions standards.
  20. I put a heavier duty helix clutch and lightened flywheel in when I changed my engine. I didnt notice any difference to the pedal weight. Flywheel makes a difference though. My wallet noticed the difference though.
  21. If you stick to thirty miles an hour at all times as I do your trilby will always stay in place. As a belt and braces precaution I attach it to my beige string backed driving gloves with a piece of string.
  22. I use wynns black rtv gasket sealant. Comes in quite a big tube so it is not the cheapest but it's good stuff.
  23. Hammer. So soon in the kitcar mindset. Good work.
  24. Off the top of my head I can't even remember seeing a car with them fitted at any of the event's I've been to. The cycle wings are more popular not just because of the look but it has been said that the clam shell ones generate lift at speed which is alright on a plane but not a car. My car has lots of holes where they were fitted before my ownership and the vendor tried to make me take them but I stood firm and left them behind. All a matter of personal choice and taste really but make sure you are sure before you start making holes. Good luck.
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