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  1. This was my first build. Enjoyed building so much took on the GBS next. Done building now due to the hassle of registering a kit in California . Can only drive 1 at a time anyway, even though wife thinks the GBS is hers.
  2. I have a machine that takes VHS and turns it into DVD. BUT, it is much easier to just go to YouTube and watch this stuff online since it has already been uploaded there. The whole set. You can download it off YT if you are desperate enough, have insomnia, a collector of trivia and technically savvy. I have done it being all the above. It's not really worth it, except for the insomnia. Stuart come on, join the new century, toss them in the dust bin, as you say.
  3. They look to me like what we call shaggy mane's which are eatable but I would have someone local make a positive ID before consuming. Stop watering would get rid of them. Good luck with that in the UK.
  4. Brexit is our entertainment over here. We have our own BIG problems as I'm sure is your entertainment over there. The base coat of POR-15 does change colo(u)r when exposed to UV light as mentioned above. They do offer a top coat to prevent this but most any other top coat will work also. It does level very smooth and hard to tell the difference even right next to plastic coat. If used on new clean metal, the metal needs to be etched.
  5. POR-15 (paint on rust) is a great base coat that needs no prep. then top coat with your favorite color (or is it colour?).
  6. In California you get a 3 month temporary permit once you have 'brake & light" inspection and CHP (California Highway Patrol) gives you a VIN # completed. They expect you to get everything else done within the 90 days. DMV gets very uppity if you are not done in 90 days. Ask me how I know. But you do have full driving ability. So moving to California is an option, but not a very good one.
  7. Well you definitely got some heat into your tires. Looks great. How long is that track?
  8. We all know that sinking feeling Crimping is the way to go. But I have had problems with crimps also, even with the right tool. If you use to much force you can cut right through the wires and have the crimp held on with just the insulation relief. Good Grief! Live and learn.
  9. marlin

    Speedo sensor

    On the bottom there is a fitting post that must go into the front hole or the diff will wobble to top of the mounting plate. I'm guessing this might be where your issue is? Let us know what you find. Marlin
  10. marlin

    Speedo sensor

    The red arrow is the spacer I took out of the donor torque rail and used the donor bolt. The blue spacer I had made up to support a large 12.9 bolt. The blog shows the top mounting.
  11. marlin

    Speedo sensor

    That is a good way to be. Most other people on this site are probably of the same opinion. Makes for a better car. I think the engine and gearbox mounts are pretty stout. But a broken bolt or loose nut can be a real headache. A tone ring off an ABS hub would be an interesting way to pick up a signal. Or did you have something else in mind?
  12. marlin

    Speedo sensor

    The Mazda diff is a solid position mount without rubber if done correctly. Engine and gearbox are rubber mounted and if they have given up the ghost some you may get movement. The early MX-5 transmissions has a cable speedo. Later ones put out an electrical pulse but that needs to be matched to the clock head or ECU if digital. GPS speedo eliminates a lot of the headaches. I used marine vents for the bonnet. Will not pass IVA but will grated cheese nicely. I also just made up a new fuel filler neck out of an old mustang neck. Untested but should be an improvement. Tray sides probably need to be taller and a drain hose from tray leading to underside of car. Mustang cap is vented but not locking.
  13. Hi, Oh, knowledgeable and experienced car builders. Finally got out on the road for real to a supposedly British car gathering that was mostly Porsche's about 65 miles away. Car ran and handled great on the way there. About 10 miles from home the car sputtered a few times then died. Some situation information, died near the top of a long uphill grade, air temperature was easily 100*F. ECU threw no codes. Fuel gauge read about 1/2 a tank. I had brought about 2.5 gallons of fuel along not knowing if the gauge is accurate or what type of mileage I would get. Pushed the car uphill to a pullout (brought a neighbor along with me for just this sort of event), put the fuel in the tank. It started, died, started and took us the rest of the way home with no further problems. Got home, took everything apart thinking a leak someplace had given me poor MPG. None found. Swirl pot was warm. This morning pumped the fuel completely out of the tank and almost filled a 5 gallon container. With empty tank fuel gauge read EMPTY. So I was not just out of gas. Next theory is LP or HP pump froze or vapor locked? Standard GBS configuration. Facet cube LP pump in back. 75 micron brass inlet filet, 40 micron filter on the outlet due to the understanding that pumps push better than pull. Gravity feed to the pump from the tank. Curifer copper piping to/from engine bay swirl pot. Walbro HP pump through 40 micron filter to stock 1.8L MX-5 fuel rail. Modified fuel rail end (used to have pulse dampener) fitting to connect to a pressure regulator and return to swirl pot. Boot has a pretty complete aluminum floor with carpet on top. Tonneau cover over that. Black diffuser below boot. So air circulation is not great for the LP pump. LP pump is rated -20*F to 180*F but install instructions say to install mount below 140*F. Problem is I'm not sure how to test working pumps for failure. Have ordered a 4 probe thermocouple to be able to measure temperatures beneath boot and in engine bay. Plan is next trip out no boot tonneau, carpet, floor. When I took spare fuel container out of the boot I may have just let all the heat out so car ran again. But of course it could have been the HP pump also? There are air vents in the bonnet sides, perhaps more are needed? All thoughts welcome! Moving to the UK may help since it is usually cooler there but with global warming...? Thanks, Marlin
  14. Not a cheap one, but what I really liked was the turn and hi beam indicators built into the dial. Unfortunately my dash layout makes it difficult to see. Trip indicator is a nice addition as an extra fuel level reminder. And practically unlimited customization, almost too many choices.
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