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  1. They're typically used on wire rope/cable for suspending fixtures and fittings. I think if you search around that you'll probably have more success. Quick google : https://www.tecni.uk/wire-rope-fittings https://www.tecni.uk/6mm-Stainless-M8-RH-Jaw-Tensioner-Fitting-160.800.060
  2. https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Products/ASJ701.html ?
  3. brumster


    In my experience most Emerald maps I've seen are very conservative on the startup fuel map and enrichment. Assuming your throttle bodies are all balanced and in correct adjustment, I'd look at the startup enrichment and also the ignition map. I'm sure you'll be happy fiddling around with the laptop making a few tweaks here and there ;). A good way to see if it's that is to just up the fueling on the base map temporarily at the startup load sites (zero throttle, <1500rpm) and see if it suddenly improves... obviously don't keep the changes, but at least you quickly prove it's not getting enough fuel. Otherwise do the same with the ignition map. Given your location, if you get real stuck, you're welcome to meet up and I'll help
  4. I would love to but looks like we'll need to spend the weekend prepping a house for tenants play it by ear with us but make us an "unlikely"... sorry
  5. If you get really stuck/GBS won't sell you one.... https://www.aluminiumwarehouse.co.uk/aluminium/channel
  6. Back in the warm here too! Car wash can wait until tomorrow <brrrr>
  7. Bell/text me in the morning if you like, if it's just the two of us we can wing it there and then and figure out where we're going....
  8. I'm up for a little run out - can't be too long, say a couple of hours maximum... run out somewhere for lunch and back?
  9. We have noise tests to adhere to when competing and these generally state 100dB ~ 4500rpm, half a metre away from the exhaust tip (45 degrees). I don't know how sound dissipates with distance, obviously it does, so I guess that 74dB is a kind of pointless number without the context of distance being applied. "What did Europe ever do for us" etc etc <joking, before you all get on your Brexit high horse!>
  10. My motorbike is 100dB and that's on the manufacturers exhaust !? WTF?!
  11. Yeah, definitely not a 2B; looks like a Mk.1 S7 (sierra based)
  12. Yup... https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?showtopic=41972&p=335327 Not sure if he's still around...
  13. I went through great lengths to go through IVA properly with a screen, and it's perfectly doable. Like you say, the important part is supposed to be the marking of the screen with an E marking, in particular the roman numerals to the edge of the circle denote whether the screen is toughened (I) or laminated (II or III). Cost around £100 for the screen from a template I had to send to the chap (laminated). I do wonder whether the IVA guy even checked it, to be honest, I *think* he did but I wonder whether it was close inspection or just a glance for an E mark and that was it
  14. f f f f f f fkkkk fff ffffrrrr frrrrzzz frrzzznnnn Actually, it's for the bedroom...
  15. Go on mate, I'll have that off you....
  16. To answer your question, and as Richy says - yes, you can get only "partial voltage" (to coin your phrase). What you're essentially finding is that if there's a bad connection, you'll get poor voltage. Bad connection means high resistance means low voltage (and warm/overheating conductors!) so you are right to jump on it and investigate
  17. It was a couple of years ago now; I didn't buy from them in the end because they were too expensive (IMO!) but he did pull this screen out of the back somewhere and was saying "We always wondered what this was off!", we put it against the template I took them and it was bob on the same, so they made a note. So, yeah... it was "that" screen, if they can remember the whole episode (probably not!)...
  18. Ricky Evans has a Zero windscreen template (or at least they did a few years back when I went to them)...
  19. Hey Gareth, as promised, slightly better gearbox spreadsheet for you Dans_GearRatios_sheet_FordType9.xls
  20. Just to answer the above point, yeah you need a 5-speed casing to put 5 gears in. Actually there's a sandwich section on the type 9 which houses the 5th gear, so it's a development on top of the 4 speed. I am guessing there is probably technically a way of converting a 4 speed to a 5 but no-one would really do it - you'd sell your 4 speed whole. As for the spreadsheets, mine's as an attachment on this forum, should be shown below now... edit: actually, wait, that's not my latest/best one with the graphs in it. I'll dig it out some time. GearboxCalculationSpreadsheets.zip
  21. As MrB says, if you can rebuild an engine then a gearbox is perfectly doable if you can follow a set of instructions, be tidy and organised, and keep things clean. You don't really need much by way of special tools except a hub puller and you might need to make a pair of "tongs" to remove the rear layshaft bearing, but these I made out of some bent bits of steel I had kicking about, so hardly challenging. You can search for lots of material on rebuilding the Type 9 but if you get stuck, PM me and I can send you some articles/guides. They are quite easily found. Search "type 9 rebuild pdf". BGH (sorry, not BGT, I blame *bleep*e Saturday night TV for hammering that acronym into my head!) Geartech are here : http://www.bghgeartech.co.uk/html/gear_kits.html The gearkit you're most likely interested in is the E6 or E7. I had the E6 HD @ £810, plus the lubrication mod to 2nd and 3rd @ £45.
  22. Sorry, typo on my part - I meant type 9 5-speed!
  23. Got a Caterham 6-speed in mine. Love it; perfect ratios. Boxes are a bit hard to find though. Other option is just go aftermarket 6-speed sequential like a Quaife but you'll need deep pockets edit: Actually I should have mentioned my previous solution, which was a Type 5 with a BGT gearset in it. Tall first and shortened 4/5th. It's a good compromise when you factor in the cost. ~£800 for the gearset (assuming you do it yourself), a good halfway house if you need to stick to a budget. Plus there are other reliability improvements in the BGT gearset that make it worthwhile.
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