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Lotus 23 Build


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Another build thread, but this time not a supercharger.


Femi has kindly given the privilege to build his lotus 23.


The car will have a zetec engine and a Quaife 6 speed transaxle gearbox.


We'll also be having a open rear wheel arches which I think came about on the 23c's.


So until the car is complete, I'll just leave this pic as inspiration;




And this is my start point;




I've got to start somewhere, and so I decided the gearbox selector levers seemed as good a place as any.

This is the gearbox selector shaft. It moves in/out and rotates up/down in 7 different combinations to select the 6 speeds plus reverse.



And here is a months worth of head scratching and machining all in one photo;



Side bracket bolted to the gearbox;



Pull In/out Lever (which pivots on a roller bearing) and the brass selector block.



Rotate up/down lever clamped to the gearbox selector rod - note this will be pinned later down the line;



The reverse gear gate. In this position, it acts as a stop to position the rotating lever in the right place for 1st and 2nd gear.




And then when the stop is lifted (Bowden cable coming tomorrow) it allows the lever to rotate further for reverse gear to be selected;


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These are the selector cable mounts;



One cable mounted;



Second cable mounted;



And that's the gearbox selector end done.

Doesn't look a lot but there was a lot of head scratching between each stage lol!

The selector cables are Ford Focus diesel - relatively cheap and each to source (in case they snap down the line and replacements are needed)



Next job is more head scratching and figure out how to bolt the zetec to the box!

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So I've completed my first ever fabricated bellhousing.


2 thick plates and some slightly thinner plates welded around in a 50pence peice fashion.


The main points was clamping everything square whilst welding and then machining after welding to true is all up.


Some real deep penetrating welds gone on here (not often I trip the thermal cut out on the welder) and it's all been welded from both sides

























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So it’s near the end of the month and time for a bit of an update.


The first thing I realise is the zetec / Quaife combination is a lot longer than whatever was intended for this chassis.


So mr.angry grinder has visited the chassis, and with the engine as far forward as I dare, I pinned it down so I could then turn my attention to the mounts.

Fist up was the gearbox mount. The Quiafe has 2 M8 threaded holes on a mounting flange topside and bottom side of the gearbox.

During acceleration or braking, the rear end of the gearbox is going to be trying to lift or drop. So I’ve fabricated a little mounting frame that bolts to the top and bottom mounting flange on the gearbox.


Next I’ve fabricated a removable (for ease of getting engine in / out) rear subframe that the gearbox attaches to.


With the gearbox mounted, then next was the engine mounts. Good old landrover defender rubbers bolted to the chassis and then box section with flanged at each end for the engine mounts.


This bit I’ve left out of this is how many times I measured, adjusted, checked, measured again etc……I did to ensure the engine and gearbox sat central in the chassis, square and true.

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