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Stoneleigh - National Kit Car Show 28/29th August 2021


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Many thanks to all who set up the Club area at Stoneleigh - Saturday was quite well attended by club members considering. Covid really messed up planning for all this year and the Show was therefore so much 'smaller' and less well attended generally. Even so, great food and company ... thanks. A couple of shots of our area.ME7_RyDMOi4I5qCBzXIBTqMJuBLJimgNmzdBghvkjRxRS2QZCM-gif_fSD0LIToAUOohqLGjquYzXLToEiCjY7KZTzPSUOlJagkt--66aL0FeNrUGyQ8bLjZOmsoBqsccHfNAry5qTOvQnHCDcxmCAuryy.thumb.jpg.e1aa4c980031f8c63e22a13780a19034.jpgVse65VG2PtTCcCapde2VrV6ontd4-Ztxy0a5CcCRfhxp8egWzyCI2H4TUQXp67_B1APX6wQbXP4_zM2G8Xv5pgS72jzFsCh3N78D-7xVCpsv_x5-4oy7ojhOvk95tJJnFwrWJ2MkkIEL6ugd6W2tmbAXob.thumb.jpg.eb1d1bdeccace8f1bc6ad0c57448fe67.jpg

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Thank you to everyone who came to Stoneleigh this weekend it was great to see you all! Brilliant to be back to some normality 👍


Thanks to everyone who helped as well. 


Those of you who couldn't make it, hope to see you at EOSB 😀 



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Hi All, Arrived home safely good run. I think that all the people who were blocking the roads on Friday

must have emigrated. I had a great time meeting old faces and seeing new ones. I would like to thank

all the members who gave up their time to make this weekend happen, Lets hope that the amount of people

who turned up given the amount of other attractions going on this weekend was enough to convince the organiser's

that this is still a viable exercise.

I hope that you all have a good tme at the ESOB and that the weather treats you all a bit better.

So until we meet again Stay safe and well

Best regards Allan


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