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    She started up tonight, what a feeling
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    Started off this year and battery seemed a bit weak, started car okay but not spinning as fast as i remember. Anyhow was okay for stoneleigh but decided to have look, found most cells were low so topped up and charged and it perked up a bit.. Did curborough lots of stop starts and santa pod, but on getting home from club meet Wednesday it wouldnt start and barely turned over, luckily parked in front of garage so pushed in. I did by a cheap battery tester, one that does the CCA and amp hour, which showed the old battery was low. I didnt have a good battery to try so didnt completely trust the tester. I was bit reluctant to bin the old battery it came with the donor car in 2004 dated 2003 so has done a good 16 years.The battery is a Ford square post 085, which seem to be getting rare. One company I found selling them is Tayna batteries, they sell direct and on ebay. On ebay they sell a powerline version guaranteed for 4years at £44, and it had a discount code worth £8.80 so a bargain £35 and free next day delivery. Fitted it today works great and the battery tester showed 359CCA and its a 360CCA battery, so tester looks good as well. Cant vouch for longevity yet but price and delivery will be hard to beat if your looking for an old school Ford battery.
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    Statistically your very unlikely to break you car on a rolling road but just in case you do, can you make sure you video it?
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    200 psi steam driven engine, yes. Crossing the Channel, no; Brittany Ferries & their big diesels take us over. We shall be on the Loire at Orleans for their bi-annual festival of the river, all ferries & hotels paid for we just need fuel for the tow car.
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    And you did mate. 10 sevens tonight. Come on you staffs
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    Little cherry on the cake; treated the car to some new seats - the ubiquitous Odyssey seats from Intatrim.... Ordered at Stoneleigh, ready 6 weeks later, look nice - just set the car off a bit better than the previous onces I had from the Exmo that were blue (to match the Exmo)....
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    If you need help with anything electrickery give us a shout.
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    Hi Everyone Over the moon this morning, MOOG6 passed its MOT with flying colours!!!! Yay!!!!
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    If it doesn't survive then fix it or bin it. Rather have it break down on the RR than in the dark when it's raining on a blind bend. On my instructions mine was tuned not for ultimate power but for driveability and it made it a dream to drive, lovely and torquey but it still goes like a missile if you need it to. Looks a bit tatty but all the money has been spent under the bonnet.
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    I second that. This was without doubt the best event we have put on, and all down to the tireless effort and promotion from a handful of lovelies (you know who you are). Thanks to all who made it happen and all who attended. I've a feeling next year will be huge. It has been commented by some non members as better than Stoneleigh. Now that's a compliment Andi
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    Hi chaps, i'm building a Hood project which will be replacing my current 2B which i have owned and maintained for the last two years and upgraded along the way, so i think the time has come to sell the 2B to make way for the new one. In the last two years she has been a joy to own and given me so much pleasure, it will be a sore loss when she goes, but hopefully the new one i am building will fill that gap. The engine is a 1.6 Pinto, which doesn't burn any oil, and is mechanically perfect, so oil leaks or noises, compression is perfect across all four, this is mated to the usual 5 speed type 9. Last year i carried out a bike carb conversion, using carbs from a ZX10 and it was one of the best mods i've ever done, she starts and runs perfectly, idles perfectly and pulls well through the rev range, i am a vehicle technician by trade so did all of the work myself, rejetted/balanced etc. The entire braking system has been overhauled, new drums/shoes/cylinders on the rear, new discs/pads and brand new Sierra 2.8 calipers on the front. Last year i fitted freshly refurbed split rim 5 spoke wheels which were on a Dax Rush with brand new tyres, which have done less than 1000 miles since fitting. I carried out a walnut dash conversion recently which really sets her off instead of the leather covered steel one before and added a useable glovebox. The pics of the dash were taken during construction and have since been finished off, all Period Smiths gauges fitted and working which include Oil pressure/volts/fuel gauge/water temp/Vacuum and Amps. The speedo and tacho are new modern units with a period style. She has about 9 months MOT and flew through this year with perfect emissions too. I'm looking for £4500, which i feel is a good price for such a well sorted and looked after 2B, she's a stunner in my opinion and a real joy to own. Serious enquiries only please, viewing highly recommended and test drives welcomed.
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    Hi I have got the itch to build another one so my current zero GT is now for sale 2018 plate orange and black paintwork Full cage Brand new 2.0 zetec -fuel injected weber throttle bodies 183bhp Gbs seats Removeable steering wheel 3 inch wide colour coded 5 point harnesses Quafe type 9 uprated gearbox 3.64 diff All buttons colour coded orange to match interior Gbs doors Flight gauges All new reconditioned brakes and calipers Quick steering rack Built with all new parts purchased from GBS Can't seem to load pictures for some reason but pls PM with a number and I can text or wotsapp or email some £7500 OVNO
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    Have had a look, its 5 posts in a given 24 hour period, you made 4 posts Monday afternoon and 1 Tuesday morning, you would have been ok to post again yesterday after 1:45pm
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    @MrToad they are 16mm if I remember correctly.
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    I would say without fail you want to be measuring the temperature of the water as close to the output from the cylinder head/engine as possible, that way you're getting a figure of what the temperature of the water in the engine is (which is surely what you're really interested in?)! Granted a short run to the bottom of the radiator isn't going to lose much but... well, why bother? Must be a reason most manufacturers put their senders where they do all those millions spent on R&D!?
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    I fitted one of these last winter: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Facet-Posi-Flow-12v-Electronic-1-8-quot-Inch-Fuel-Pump-1-5-4-0-Psi-Low/361015158958?epid=1525018526&hash=item540e2e28ae:g:EI0AAOSwAL9UeXYH I was fed up of cranking the engine after the car had been sat for a few days to get fuel to the carb before it would start, the fuel was evaporating from the carb over time. The pump is 1.5 to 4.0 psi, I also have a DGV on a pinto and have not fitted a regulator. I now turn on the ignition and wait a few seconds for the pump to get fuel to the carb and the engine now starts instantly. I have had no problems at all with not using a regulator. The only downside to the pump is that it is quite noisy. Nigel.
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    I would concur that it's a cut-up/modified Exmo; basically you can see where the sliding engine tray panels have been chopped about in the engine bay. As said above, the front buttresses have been chopped off and more conventional wishbones fitted (not a bad thing at all, assuming they've been done correctly!)
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    The chassis no is dealers choice. Provided it meets the vosa directives. you could see if the seller has any build documentation which might show the original buttresses.
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    I am using twin 45’s running a pressure regulator at set at 2.5. So I suspect it should be OK, although the original mechanical pump would also be suitable.
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    Oh yes agreed, enforcement is another matter. I grow veg and have the river running thru my garden, literally a river in the garden. It’s shown on my title deeds that I own the river, I own the fishing rights too. I’m still not allowed to take water from the river without planning permission would you believe, had some whole spiel about it of the conveyancing clowns when buying the house. During the drought mid summer when my 800L of water butts run dry I may borrow a watering can or two from said waterway. Who do you expect will enforce the issue I must add that plastic watering cans float away faster than you can run for a rake if you drop them in because the rose comes off as you pull the bugger up, apparently
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    I forgot about this and drove past many sights, thanks for the reminder.
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    Great to hear - sadly, I'm doing badly, only having got to one about 5 miles down the road. I had planned to spend an extra day in Wales after my track day in May, with a list of 10 or so to do but a breakdown stopped that. Must do better...
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    I’m guessing this is what you were talking about... Rear Engine
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    Good progess, keep pushing forward.
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    1 - Any sticky road tyre, thinking along the lines of Toyo R888 etc 2 - Drag slicks would be the best, and they are most commonly found in 15" so a spare set of 15s to fit the zero would be the way to go. They tend to be tall sidewalls though, so would have to make sure you got some that would fit under the arches, or setup so you can remove and refit arches easily to swap between wheels. I would think option 1 would be the most sensible, mainly because with the amount of grip you would have available on launch with a drag slick you are probably going to start breaking things.
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    The best improvement for drag racing would probably be a suitable automatic Let's ignore that option though because I don't think anyone with a kit really wants an automatic Other than that, for a seven, more grip, and stronger driveline to handle more aggressive launches that you can do once you have more grip. There is a rule of thumb that everything you save in the 60ft is doubled at the 1/4 mile, so being able to get a strong launch can make a huge difference. Finally, more power, but really until you have a car that you can launch, more power is just more increasing the likelihood of breaking things.
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    Not quite sure what you mean, but if you're on about sharp edges and whether they'd fail it for that, you will be fine. They're not that pedantic, that I'm aware of
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    Identical to mine - good choice
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    See you there too, and my first one as couldn't make last month's
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    Can only make the Saturday I'm afraid. Someone else will have to eat my Sunday breakfast
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    Not too bad. Got a few hours on the car over the weekend. Small set back as one of the fluid reservoir levels is faulty and i didnt have enough connectors for the wiring. All ordered up , but the to do list is looking like this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14mVhnOm936r2Zb-E5lbdvrVQJW7Z6dCZ/view?usp=sharing See ya Wednesday for the next update.
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    Lol there's a log burner going in tomorrow ready for Winter.
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    As per last year I will bring my own Veggie (awkward sod) food. Anyone who is still thinking of going and undecided should make the effort. Really good weekend with plenty of space for camping and above all excellent hosts.
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    saturday morning onwards please The address is corner farm buckworth road, alconbury Weston PE28 4JX I'll try and get there earlier in the day to set a flag up at the entrance
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    There are currently 14 tickets sold. I have had a message from Craig this evening saying he needs numbers by Wednesday next week (26/6/19) so he can get food sorted for us all, so please don't leave it until last minute to book on if you want to come. Also can I just remind everyone to please buy a ticket for every person attending (this includes children please) as this is to subsidize the price of the food and also the amount of tickets sold will be used to calculate the amount of food required. Thanks
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    Not yet, but the DHL man has been busy this week!
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    wont be any gaps once the winter weather comes
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    Nothing to update with on the Valtezza but her new home is coming along very nicely, this will let me plough full steam ahead on the project this Autumn/Winter so updates should be more frequent.
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    Please don't encourage him, this is a family friendly website
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    When the bushes are replaced -- look at fitting grease nipples to the outer tubes -- did this to Florin's 'bones when built & no sign of wear at 53K.
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    If its drums: L = BWK085 R = BWK086 If it discs : L = BWK089 R = BWK090 Borg and Beck Part Numbers. If you google/ebay it it gives you a multitude of different makes.
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    Here’s s few photos of the finished awning on the caravan this weekend at Kitfest. We had some torrential rain over the weekend but seem to have remained leak free which we’re really pleased with. We’ve only used the caravan three times and the awning twice and as issues become apparent, we will do what we can to resolve them. Whether we use the kit to tow it remains to be seen, currently I drive the kit and Jackie tows the caravan with the tintop which means we can take all the stuff we need without having to overload the caravan.
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    It is very close! Got next weekend free, girls away and all the garage time I need. Just a bit of wiring and with a bit of luck and no further issues it will be tuning time!
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    If anyone is in two minds wether to attend tomorrow, go! its worth it just for the drag racing some of the cars going down the strip today where amazing. Take your ear defenders you'll need them.
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    Me Clare n Jazz will be going but might not get there in time. We have to finish work, faff about, get Jasper ready, faff about, untie the kit, faff about, drive to Wolvey near Cov to get the caravan, faff about, tow it to Santa Pod whilst faffing about.
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