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  1. Yes it will, but I do try and stick to A and B roads although going to Le Mans next year it could get annoying on the motorway.
  2. Genuine spark plugs arrived today.
  3. Hi all, Reflecting on a late night conversation whilst camping last weekend. I think my acceleration compared to some of the other cars was very slow. I have a MT 75 gearbox with the following ratio's; 1st 3.61 2nd 2.08 3rd 1.36 4th 1.00 5th 0.83 My diff I believe it's a 3.62 (although not checked yet) but purchased from ex-club member..First job on the weekend after sorting the miss-fire. So not fussed about top end speed, but I recall someone saying they do about 2700 @ 70mph. Mines is a lot higher. Could I fit a 3.92 diff to improve acceleration?
  4. Ford coil pack £78 and Euro car parts £18 I wonder what quality difference will be and how long it will last!
  5. I will get another coil, a useful spare to carry for other club members at shows.
  6. OK replaced the bullet facet fuel filter. But made no difference, cutout 3 in the weekend on the way to camping venue. It was pointed out that there was a miss-fire in the run out, so ordered new plugs and leads. No harm having a spare set for the future. I am intending to replace the ECU from megajolt to ME100 to power the vvt but would like it to be running right first. Details twin 45's with 5 progression holes set up by Bailey performance, ST170 engine with megajolt, facet fuel pump with fuel pressure regulator set at 2.5.
  7. Hi, I have a Ford xflow gasket kit top and bottom end including head gasket that I no longer need. £20 including p&p.
  8. Nice looking car, someone is going to get a bargain.
  9. I would normally sing the AA praises, they have the best patrols and more of them. I worked for them for 17 years, but the new management team and not very ethical so I search for another and found 2gether breakdown cover. Also worth looking at you insurance provided they can normally get a better deal than individuals.
  10. Thanks Chris, Great to see you all again and have a few social distancing drinks, just what the doctor ordered. See you at Stoneleigh.
  11. It's been a while but I thought Protech did a conversion kit so you can use traditional coilovers with adjustable nuts.
  12. Thanks Neil, Got mine, always a good read. I will try to contribute something for next edition.
  13. You could use this https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/fuel-filler-neck Drill and seal to you existing fuel cap.
  14. I do every day, kids, wife, fostering, daily runner and kit car. Plus £50 for is only two tanks of fuel so roughly 200 miles of fun and enjoyment.
  15. Well done to the helper, I cannot repeat what my wife says on this forum when I ask for help.
  16. Just found my cover in the garage over the weekend.
  17. I have worked in the insurance sector for the last 18 years, it is very challenging especially with insurance premium tax, admin fees, brokers, price comparison sites etc. Shop around is the best advice and it would be good to support our sponsors. If anyone has a massive issue between £20-£50 a year then kitcars are probably not the hobby for you.
  18. I have just got a small trailer tent with a fibreglass base in black gel coat. I tried wrapping and struggled on some of the complicated curves. So I have decided to spray paint it. What's the best method of covering black gel and do I need sand and prime first? Thank you in advance.
  19. I only have 4, if it started running on 8 I would be happy.
  20. I was thinking about it because I still have the old facet bullet filter fitted. It's been there for 3500 miles.
  21. Easy to test but if intermittent could be a problem.
  22. MarkBzero

    shiny bits

    Very nice, I like shiny bits.
  23. Weird fault I am struggling to diagnose and need you help/ideas. Whilst driving yesterday at a steady 60mph down a straight road just cruising not accelerating or taking my foot off the pedal, the car hesitated and slowed down. Felt like me taking my foot of the gas for a few seconds, but I didn't. On pressing the accelerator it coughs and splutters then picks up again. Same thing happened 5-6 times, what do you think it could be? Coil, plugs, leads, fuel filter don't fancy swapping everything and I we have a camping trip coming up so needs to be sorted.
  24. I do, I feel sick looking at boats in the sea on TV. Fingers crossed, take some meds, get on the boat and fall asleep asap.
  25. Decided to test my car limits with a longer drive and signed up to NW kit car club Le Man's trip next year. Will be a great experience with visits to WW2 sites on route.
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