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Poss New Events Support Needed

keith kelly

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Hi all,

My wife was that disappointed that hollowell was not open to us this year that she decided to find something else. She has emailed a number of events/Rallies and has had some welcoming replies. we are looking to give them numbers in the first instance but as with hollowell you will need to register (form links below).


Pickering Traction Engine Rally

Pickering Showground,

North Yorkshire,

YO18 8EA


Email Extract


Thanks for getting back to me!


Great, I will get my husband to put something on the forum, I will come back to you with numbers soon, I have given them a deadline of 3 weeks if that is ok. The car owners do prefer to move the cars at night to where they are sleeping, would this be an issue?


Also, is there any evening entertainment provided and most importantly a bar?









Hi, thank you for your email. Can I apologies for the delay in replying. Please see attached entry form as requested. If you could get a group of kit cars together that would be great and I am sure there would be plenty of public interest. Camping is provided free for all exhibitors. Looking forward to hearing from you. Simon.


Look Like a good event http://www.pickeringsteam.com/




Second One


Long Melford Vintage Rally




04 & 05TH July http://www.melfordrally.co.uk/


Response to email



Hi Rebecca

We are always looking to offer the paying public something different and I would think your club could fit the bill.

I have attached an entry form for you to download and print off for your members.




John Southall


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Guest 2b cruising

Well done Becky.

You have put a lot of your own time and effort into this and I hope you get a well deserved reaction in return.

I would prefer the Suffolk show but am willing to go to either. I will follow the crowed so yes I will go.

Ken Wilcox


G788 LNT.

If you don't intend doing a group booking, just let me know and I will take my own action.


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