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Robin Hood Exmo, From Barn To Iva


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Yeah that's a good point i'll get another disk on order. Luckily with these cars it only takes 5 minutes to change a disk :)

Oh an Brumster after a little more head scratching and discussion we have decided to do the move now and get the radiator positioned in front of that buttress and fit an electric fan to pull the air through the radiator. So thanks for the tip on that one, should save a lot of head scratching later on!


We have done a couple of jobs since the last post, including..

Fitting new wiring too and from the battery as the old stuff was a bit to short and a little tatty.

Repaired the rear lights

Removed the dash ready to start work on the electrics

Lots of tinkering with the engine, still trying to sort out the starting issue


So I am back in work again now, and Dad has just had an operation on his arm that is slowing him down so were currently spending more time poring over wiring diagrams and IVA manuals than doing physical work.


Upcoming jobs for my next days off include..

Wiring the fog lights (they are in place but don't seem to work)

Moving the radiator (and wiring electric fan)

Connecting the speedometer and rev counter (and if they are connected then figure out why they aren't working)

Removing the old window screen ready for the new replacement (Thanks Craig!)

Fitting the side repeaters and wiring the indicator lights on the dash

Fitting the new chrome trim and bonnet catches to the bonnet.


And finally for Dave Ed here are the pictures you wanted of the heating assembly, hope this helps, will be happy to answer any questions you have.





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Also a quick question. I am assuming these wiper arms and spray nozzles wont pass IVA?

Correct - the wipers are just missing the nut covers, but the nozzles certainly won't assuming they are contactable by the test sphere, which is almost certainly a definite. Cheap and easy-enough swap ;)


Hats off to you on the radiator decision. Do it right, do it once, never fuss about it again. I am of course assuming your rad actually fits into the nosecone space, you also need to make sure you seal off the edges between radiator and nosecone so that air going into the front hole HAS to go through the radiator; it can't work it's way around it. Some thin alumnium sheet, some acrylic, or 4mm rubber sheet, anything will suffice ;). My build thread for the Zero has an example of what I did, I appreciate it won't be the same for the Exmo but it'll give you the idea.


edit: here you go, found some pics!





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So its been a little while since I have updated as I have been pretty busy with work but I have managed to get a few things done in my spare time.

So after finishing the radiator weeks ago we have decided, after advisement, to move it into the nose cone for better cooling performance. This meant I had to dismantle the entire font of the car, something it seems the previous owner never planned to do as there were a lot of rivets holding it on. Fortunately the front came off quickly after a bit of swearing and the liberal use of an angle grinder.

I have also taken out the front fog lights, horn and the extra electric cooling fan the previous owner added in the nose cone. I'm assuming the extra fan was probably his way of trying to improve the cooling. I'm going to move the horn behind the radiator, leave the fog lights out (cheers Peter) and add a thermostat controlled electric fan on the radiator (having already removed the fan off the front of the engine). As I was dismantling things I also decided to rip out the old interior ready to start measuring up for the new one.

So now everything had been taken off and prepared its time to fabricate some brackets for the Radiator and get it all put back together. That's today's job so once that's done I can get back to the electronics, interior and IVA prep.

Here is a few pics of the front without the radiator.




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Hi so another big gap between posts sorry. On the bright side we have been busy!

So moving the radiator took a lot longer than expected, as you all know its a pretty tight space for such a big object. Luckily we were able to use our current radiator and just mount it at an angle in the nose cone. As we removed the fan off the engine we have instead mounted a fan behind the radiator sucking air through it and fitted a variable thermostat to control the engine temps.  I will attach a few photos of all of this below. 

One thing we noticed is that because the radiator has been moved it now sits below the engine so we have had to add in a header tank into the loop as well, not a difficult job and I actually like the way it looks in the engine bay.

Other than the radiator we have done a few other little bits like adding the new chrome trim to the bonnet, fitting the IVA approved bonnet catches, ripping out the old interior and starting to fault find the electronics. 

Until next time here are some pics to keep you interested. 


New rad 1.jpg

new rad 2.jpg

new rad 3.jpg

new rad 5.jpg

new rad 6.jpg

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Looking good. You can give yourself a massive cooling boost if you  make some blanking panels that extend from the edges of the radiator forwards to the inside of the nose cone. This will ensure as much air as possibly goes through the rad when you're moving, rather than spilling around the sides. 

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