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Kimbolton show July 12th

Peter Bell

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Kimbolton show will be 12th of July this year, I’ve been asked if the club wants a pitch again this year. Are there enough people interested? They have sent the following info:-


We’re pleased to report that the admission charges remain the same this year at a flat rate of £10 per car.

This year, we will once again be posting out wristbands to streamline entry into the show.

Wristbands will be distributed to the car club points of contact in early June to provide you with enough time to distribute these to your club, so please let me know if your club will be attending by the end of April. 

This year, wristbands will again be colour coded to enable our team on the gates to direct you towards the correct parking area quickly and easily. Please make sure your drivers have their exhibitor bands upon arrival, so that our volunteers know to direct you to your club stand, rather than general exhibition parking. 

Exhibitor wristbands will be sent out one per car and any additional passengers will be required to collect a wristband on the gate when you pay to enter the show. There will not be an additional cost for any additional passengers. 

Please note: As per new rules implemented by the Council in 2019, ALL CARS NEED TO BE ON SITE BY 11AM AND WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO LEAVE THE SITE UNTIL THE SHOW CLOSES AT 4PM.  

Last year, we did have a number of cars trying to leave the show early… this is not permitted by order of the Council that grants us permission to run the show. Please, please, if any of your members are not able to stay until the end of the show, we ask that they park in visitor parking (which they can leave at any time). Cars on the show ground must remain static between 11am and 4pm!



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It’s a shame that they have prevented cars leaving before the end.  I had made a new year resolution to not attend any venues that implemented this practice, but at least it isn’t an early start.  And resolutions are meant to broken, so count me in 😀

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To be honest Alan if we get the same spot as the last couple of years as its near the exit there's no real problem about leaving, its a bit out of the main area though. I can see their reasoning, if you are near the entrance and try to drive all the way around through the crowds, (it does get busy!) it could cause problems.  They have asked people to abide by this rule in previous years.

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