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Reserve fuel tank!


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I have been carrying around a 5l fuel can just in case I run out.

I thought there has to be a better solution for this.

Today I have added a 10l reserve tank. This is no higher than the existing tank so no loss of boot room.

Two solenoid valves will dictate which tank will be used via switches in the cockpit!



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Very slick. Seperate filler ?  do you think that you will need to take precautions not to get air into the system if you do really run the main tank dry which I assume is what you are anxious about? When I were a lad, a family friend had a really basic Beetle, no fuel gauge, but a reserve tank switched by a knob near the base of the gear stick. I seem to remember a bit of really rough engine, rocking and backfire, only for a short time though.

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A nice idea BUT you know what's going to happen now? Your main tank will be almost empty but you'll be thinking, "oh, it's OK, I've got a reserve". Your main tank will run out, you'll switch to reserve and then you're back to square one - "when will my reserve run out? Oh, I'm sure I can go a few more miles...ahh...bugger..." 🙂

The problem I've always thought with either a reserve tank or just a 5L can - how long do you leave it in there? Petrol does go off, I believe? Is yours linked to the main tank so it gets refreshed?

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The tank is 10l enough to get to a fuel station and has got to be Better than carrying a plastic 5l can in the boot right behind my back and head just ask Romain Grosjean.

the ally 10l tank has a fuel sender in it so can see how much fuel is in there.

Also with the installation of solenoid valves The fuel can be used easily so no chances of stale fuel!

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1 hour ago, brumster said:

True, I suppose if you only had 100 miles range out of a tank then you'd get a bit fed up of stopping to fill up (even if it's out of a 5L jerry can type affair!)

Yes Dan. You've had to wait at every petrol station in Wales for me and thrashed. 🤪👍

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Reading threads like this makes glad I have a large fuel rank and a well calibrated guage. I've never found my maximum range but I can do over 200 miles on a 3 quarters of a tank and can be confident when I hit the red I can keep going for ages. 

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