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Stoneleigh - National Kit Car Motor Show 2022 (1-2 May)


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1 hour ago, Jez Morton said:

What does Roadside mean, are we on 6th Street in one row? I've seen that set up before. 

Possibly, we'll know more on Saturday morning. We'll just need to adapt to the space allocated (or pinch a bit extra).

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On 4/24/2022 at 2:45 PM, HAWKNORTH said:

Are you arriving Saturday afternoon? If so, what time. I'm always willing to help set up, move things around etc. Is the AGM planned for the weekend too.




All being well we will be there Saturday I intend on getting there around mid day if I’ve not got work and then start setting up the club stand etc 

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When they rang me to discuss where to place us now the bandstand is unavailable, they explained that the clubs on that pitch are not camping with their vehicles so it's just cars and events shelters. 

They also said it was a plot for 100 cars approximately (our plot that is) 

I don't know if that means we are tarmac or grass but I believed that this location would get a larger footfall than the other alternatives we were offered. 

I hope that it's okay. But we will be there Saturday and do any alterations needed to the pitch 🙂

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On 4/18/2022 at 7:18 PM, Darrell said:

Hi, weather, petrol pocket money(!?!) and 2b permitting I am hoping to drive down to Stoneleigh on either Sunday or Monday.

Is anyone else doing this from the north west? perhaps willing to meet up on route and drive down together?

Just putting it out there...

I going down on Monday from Manchester, avoiding motorways.

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 A few of us are here already. At the camping area, look out for my Rich66 flag or Kerry's 🌈 windsock.

The outdoor stand has a gazebo on it but no cars at the moment.

Inside, we have a stand with 2 cars on it in hall 2. We'll add some banners tomorrow.



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