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  1. I have built my Exmo with cycle wings. I followed the destructions on the build video. They do not turn with the wheels because they mount to the suspension outrigger at the top and to a bar from the engine bay at the bottom. I have converted the original VHS build tapes to a series of mpgs, I could put these on my BT Cloud for you if you want, the cycle wing construction is on these somewhere. I have seen quite a few EXMOs with cycle wings that turn with the wheels, however you have to be prepared to cut off the ends of the outriggers (and presumably do a bit of welding to strengthen the ends). This needed because otherwise the top of the cycle wing will bash against the end of the outrigger when the spring is compressed by a bump.
  2. I guess that a discussion of picture handling software is not what this thread should be about..... however You could try http://www.irfanview.com Its free. Use the 32bit version. Lots of features, I use "Resize/Rescan" to reduce pixel count and then save as jpg has option of quality level to reduce size further.
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