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  1. Welcome, nice colour. Read the IVA manual and work to pass it then worry about the wish list and modifications. Build IVA Drive Modify, Drive oh don't forget breakdown and modify again.
  2. 4 years driving without with no problems.
  3. Hi, Before buying a replacement, have you got any gauges yet, because most gauge manufacturers will sell a matched oil pressure switch so the readings will be accurate.
  4. Don't buy https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153495862610 Very good and lots of adaptors https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/s/steering-wheels/momo/quick-release-steering-bosses-spacers
  5. It is worth paying a little extra on the boss kit there has been many stories of cheaper versions breaking. As for the size it's really up to you and your driving position do you want/need the steering wheel nearer to you. Personally anything less than 280 I would struggle, what ratio steering rack do you have is it Does or Mazda?
  6. Completely your choice the quick release boss is separate to the steering wheel they bolt together. Find the steering you like, don't go to small it might look good but the driving experience is not very good.
  7. Wow, looks amazing, will it fit in caravan for EOSB?
  8. I wish my son worked at Screwfix, I always use the local branch in Telford. Great service every time.
  9. Hi, Any recommendations for chrome/stainless steel wrapping supplier or specific brand. Shed loads on internet but have no experience with any.
  10. I went through the Ryobi set last night, 100 tools available including various gardening tools.
  11. Hi All, Looking for a recommendation on the best battery tool set where one battery can fit many tools i.e. drill, angle grinder, jigsaw, torch, circular saw etc. Fed up of multiple boxes and different batteries and chargers. Not going to replace all in one go just when the next tool breaks. Drill is nearly there. I know most makes do a set but just looking for recommendations for a keen DIY'er. Thanks Mark
  12. MarkBzero


    I asked DVLA for a chassis number and they sent it within a week others have made there's up.
  13. Gutted. We will have to rename the EOSB to EONSB end of no season bash!
  14. MarkBzero


    Look good, obviously they would not be any good for IVA but should be OK of the light pattern is straight or left, if right then MOT tester may reject them.
  15. Looks good to me, Claire obviously did not explain correctly!
  16. Here's one with cable, technically you could fit small spade terminals on the fly leads and this would work. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/324006370137
  17. Getting the plug is the easy part, I suspect you might have to make the other side by cutting an an coil down. https://motorsport-electronics.co.uk/product/ford-coil-pack-connector/
  18. Thank you, MrBarry. I will pm you my contact details.
  19. Great work Richie, if you are board I could do with a Surrey top. I'm willing to pay for your excellent workmanship, creep creep!
  20. Here's my lovely Comanche Petit 2 person trailer tent. Very light and small enough to tow behind any car and easily moved by one person when unhitched. It has the follow; Pressed steel tow hitch Corner stabilisers Pegs and storm strap Draft excluder Curtains 2 clear windows and 1 blurred It's only 180kg unloaded and has loads of space under the bed to store your camping gear. I am not including the mattress. Uses 7 pin electrics, and collection only. PayPal preferred or cash on collection. Looking for £150, for quick sale. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293606562062
  21. Caffeine and red bull to focus whilst driving at speed
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