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C19 is here to stay, so...


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First on list for is to clean the garage is has been neglected over the last few months.

Then finish the nitro, make a tow bar for trailer tent, replace ATR sump with ERA sump.

Then in month 3 of the lock down thinking I will paint the garage walls and put up some old signs.

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just about to fit a replacement ally overflow bottle. I splashed out on an ebay jobber and to be fair the welds are beautiful.

Got replacement light shells as my originals have rusted.

Replacement mirrors. 

respray the nose, bonnet, scuttle, arches... hmm pretty much everything minus the side panels

repair/paint some rust on the chassis

looking for new seats as the sierra ones are probably too worn now after 26years!

Might re-do the dash. Want to experiment with a suede type material and along the tunnel.

finish the bike carb manifold i've been making for 1 million years and finally get them fitted.


Got a load of house projects to do also though. So will do a spot of plastering and some plumbing repairs i've been putting off.

Oh also got to make an end vice and leg vice for my 'english' workbench i recently made.

although just tidying the garage will take me til the summer :)




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If it wasn't for the lack of milk & some food stuff, we'd not know there was anything wrong if we didn't listen to the news, which I've stopped doing now as it's just the same repeat, repeat, repeat

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Only just had cast off wrists after 7 weeks so hopefully going to fit the nice shiny new ETB gauges wifey bought for my birthday, make some 1/2 doors and wind deflectors, recover boot and spray roll bar.

And everything else wife wanted me to do during last 7 weeks of incapacitaty (used up all my brownie points!!)

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2 hours ago, fry61 said:

Surely recovery from a broken wrist or two takes FAR longer in recuperation than seven weeks?

Your probably right Bob but ive been going stir crazy so while its sunny next week I will try and get out to do some "stuff" to the car, I found I had a stuck clutch last week but thats now been sorted.

Recovery is going well and part of my physio is using tools as I need to do that for my job so I have a "medical" reason to tinker with the car😉

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Well where do I start lol.


Custom water rail with oil cooler water feed and return

Fit fan switch

Custom grill

Custom vent

Custom rear boot cover

Re powder coat windscreen supports

Paint wish bones 

Refresh carpet


All while still working as we haven't been shutdown yet

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