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C19 is here to stay, so...


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On 3/26/2020 at 12:12 AM, Andi said:

Bet you dont fit the fan switch...... Your just too used to living on the turbo edge 😄

All done lol it scary how much my temp gauge is out though goes to 120oc before it comes on and it's a 105oc fan switch

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23 hours ago, fry61 said:

Why did you not use the garden fence as your other " wall" ?  Ridge in the middle & rain runs off each end.

Functionally, i'd still need access to the rear of the house, so i'd need to leave an unused corridor inside the shed and end up with the same usable space as the above shed. Also I'd have to lock and unlock both ends each time i go through. Build-wise, I'd have to build up to the boundary, either leaving a small gap to the fence (damp/rot issues?) or remove the fence (hassle) and use much more material for the roof/ends.

23 hours ago, phaeton said:

Car is never going to fit in there even sideways 🤣

Not with that attitude! The main upside is i'll get rid of all the crap out of the garage so i can have space to work on the kit again.

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Having sorted out the exhaust finishers, I thought I'd have a go at my bonnet scoop. 

I've never been that happy with the black edge trim I used around the holes so I removed it and stripped off the vinyl wrap which got scuffed when I removed the bonnet at the MOT and the wind blew it over. 


Then I gave the fibreglass a quick sand over and filled a few small areas. 


Finally I re-wrapped it with gloss black vinyl and I made a new finisher for the holes from 1mm aluminium and attached it with stainless button head screws. 


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