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  1. I am working that day but I usually finish around two so we will be there. Should be plenty of places to stay around huntingdon, it's a big enough place. If not there are a couple here where I live and it's less than half an hour away.
  2. Yep that makes sense. Every days a school day except this time I am paying attention.
  3. I think a wet grip tyre is supposed to be a softer compound so that it warms better despite the cooling effect of the water. I would have thought a wider tyre would warm more easily due to its scrubbing effect on the road but if Tim has tried them and says not then I don't know why. Presumably they were the same sort of tyre. I suppose it has more surface area to be cooled. I run federal rsr tyres and their performance can be summed up as follows. Dry, get really hot and grippy fairly quickly. Stick like used weetabix to the inside of a nappy. Wet like a greased pig on roller skates. Stay indoors or prepare to travel backwards.
  4. Little gransden air show,26th august
  5. Nearly five grand on a pinto. Hope that produces a lot of horsepower. Are all the build photos included, I am sure the iva man will want to see them. I paid 2300 pound for a correctly registered series 7 with a redtop engine producing about 160 horsepower. Granted it was (and still is) a bit tatty but at least I didn't have to worry about getting my collar felt for having an illegal car. If he had run into somebody and the insurance company had found that it wasnt correctly tested he would have got nothing and the same for the person he hit. Walk away, there are plenty of good cars about elsewhere. They often come up on this forum and the beauty of it is that several people can often vouch for their history. You don't have to fall out with him over it just tell him that this isn't the way you want to start out in kit cars. You will find plenty of things to tinker with without this extra hassle
  6. When I blanked off around my radiator to improve cooling I put a dedicated air intake pipe from the front grille to the carbs and it made absolutely loads of difference to the engine performance. I suppose it depends on how bad it was in the first place.
  7. Good work. Mines blocked in by a huge pile of logs at the moment.
  8. God if it was around here you'd need a snowplough on the front and some paddles
  9. I think I got a fuel pressure gauge off ebay when I originally reset my carb's up. It was fairly cheap and I just connected it in to the pipework directly before the carbs while I adjusted the fuel pressure regulator then took it out afterwards. I had quite a long pipe run from regulator to the carbs and wanted to make sure that the pressure was correct at the carbs, 3 or 4 psi at the regulator was quite a lot less at the carbs so I adjusted accordingly. The smaller the bore of the pipe, the greater the frictional loss. You could try running with a separate fuel container like a drinks bottle and a short piece of larger pipe just relying on gravity feed to see if that makes any difference. That would at least eliminate your existing pipe work from the equation. Be careful with loose containers of petrol though.
  10. I don't have either in my car now, my new engine didn't have an outlet for the heater so I binned it as unnecessary weight and it passed. I don't think they look for anything other than washers and wipers.
  11. Good spot. Got loads of mugs but none as good as these. I can think of a couple of people who would like some of these beside myself.
  12. The trouble with using somebody to do it for you is you are going to have to pay their time both ways as well as the fuel. Can't really see anybody wanting to do it for less than a pound a mile and that is a lot of money. If it was me I'd be off at three in the morning with a trailer. Be safest with an overnight stop though
  13. Can't you borrow or even hire a car transporter trailer. A couple days hire would be a lot cheaper than getting a company to do it for you. I am assuming that you have a licence to tow of course. I picked a car up from Cornwall in one day, that was 650 miles not too stressful. Pity we can't relay it up there RHOCAR pony express style.
  14. Two very sensible posts from nigel and Bob. Try one thing at a time to see if it makes any difference with the easy things first. No need to spend loads of money to sort it out.
  15. I don't do sweeping up, there's half an acre for it to get lost in. I just want to have a go myself that way it should be done to my satisfaction and there are bits I don't want done which I can trust myself to leave. Taking it to bits is not really an option as a lot of it is really heavy duty stuff, either quarter or half inch steel plate. The whole thing weighs between 5.5 and 8.5 tons depending on whether it is fully ballasted and I suspect it may be at least partly. Haven't had chance to look underneath yet. I may take you up on those bags of media but it certainly won't be until the spring. Too cold out there,brrrrrrrr. Cheers dave.
  16. Well I thought it was, I'd better check as it is only 240 volt. Wouldn't be the first mistake I've made
  17. Anybody had any experience using a pressurised sand blasting pot as opposed to the siphon Type? They are supposed to deliver a better performance than the siphon but I have heard they are quite air hungry. I have a 5hp compressor but it only has a 100 litre tank on it and I am wondering if I would need a new compressor too. I am hopefully taking delivery of a new tractor which needs blasting and I want to do it myself rather than get somebody else to do it. It only has a tin bonnet which I can remove, the rest is flat thick sheet steel which should be straightforward to do. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  18. Lots of people have had cracks in the stainless models but they can be repaired successfully. You just need to keep an eye on the problem areas, I haven't had to much trouble myself but others will tell you where to keep an eye out.
  19. I think self centre is down to castor. Mine is not good on my car and I am minded to have a tinker with it to see if I can improve it.
  20. I'd go along with richy666 on buying a car that is already registered. Thats what I did and I have found plenty to keep me occupied over the last few years. There is always something that you want to change and plenty that needs changing and if you are like me there's a lot to learn. I still don't think I'd want to take on a total build, mainly due to all the fiddling around getting angles and measurements right for the test but another registered car I would do in a heartbeat if it was what I wanted. No more room in the carpenter garage at the moment although I am off to Nottingham today to look at another tractor but I have promised the wife something will have to go if I buy it. Not the kit though, no way.
  21. My wife found a tiny one on our drive a few years ago in the spring. I thought damn this is going to be a pain in the butt knowing what she is like for waifs and strays. Then my heart sank further when another appeared, then another until we had four. The hedgehog sanctuary said the mother has either died or abandoned them for them to be out in the day. They lived in a pet carrier until they got too big, squealing and grunting then I had to build a run for them. They stayed with mother in law when we went on holiday and when they came back they were like four micro pigs and vicious with it, I didn't dare put my fingers near them. I was very happy on release day.
  22. Tie bar conversion to get rid of that over stiff sierra anti roll bar and change original springs for some around the 120lb mark. I changed the the dampers too as mine were an unknown quantity. Dampertech is where I got my springs and shocks from, still got the contact details if you need them.
  23. It was worth it, a glorious autumn day yesterday and wet today. I did saw and I got wet so what.
  24. I agree with Dan on this. If I want to buy something from the Internet I will look at loads of ads for similar or even identical items until I find one that says in the description that it will work with this or that or it won't even if I have to pay a bit more for it. That way when it all goes wrong I have some comeback. Mind you people say I am grumpy so I don't like to disappoint.
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